Where is the best exchange rate for Shiba Inu

By | | 9 Mar 2022

Where is the best exchange rate for Shiba Inu

 Shiba Inu is probably one of the most popular coins on the market, and the Shib Army has more than 2 million people. The coin is easy to buy, as it is traded on most platforms present on the market. But how to buy SHIBA as profitably and safely as possible? Let’s consider further.

Key Points:

  • In order to find the best exchange to buy SHIB, it is necessary to analyze several points.
  • The best rate does not always mean maximum profitability, keep in mind the fees charged by the service.
  • With Fiatom, you can easily find the best rate for SHIB.

How can I find the best rates for Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu is currently one of the most popular tokens on the market. The token is among the top 15 crypto by market capitalization and is widely used as payment for goods and services, international transactions, investments, and trade. It is no wonder that such popularity pushes more and more users to buy a doggy coin. Very often the first step to obtaining the coveted token is the purchase of SHIB with fiat funds. Fiat-to-crypto purchases mostly charge higher fees than crypto-to-crypto ones. Payment systems impose up to 10% of the fee, which is simply extortionate. In addition, fiat gateways also impose a fee for their services, which are usually included in the exchange rate. Independently tracking rates and fees can be difficult for inexperienced users, which is why such platforms as Fiatom were created. Our service compares rates from the most reliable and secure fiat providers and displays you the best offer. All you need to do is fill in the necessary fields (fiat/cryptocurrency, amount, and country of residence), and we will show you the best exchange rate for Shiba Inu.

Find exchanges

Find exchanges

In order to find the best trading platform for buying SHIB, the user needs to pay attention to several crucial indicators:

  1. Reviews of the service. Unscrupulous platforms have a low trust rating and bad reviews. It is important to track this moment by using third-party resources, such as TrustPilot.
  2. Fees. No service will work at a loss, often the amount of fees can be found in the FAQ section or in the special section “Fees”. If it is written that the service does not charge fees, then they are included in the exchange rate. Be careful, often if it seems to users that the fees of one service are too large and they choose the one that allegedly does not charge them, where they buy Shiba Inu at a predatory rate and lose their funds.
  3. Terms of purchase. In order to make a fiat-to-crypto purchase, you will most likely have to go through the verification process. Each service imposes its own conditions, which it would be better to study initially.

Comparing fees

Comparing fees

Various services have the right to independently determine the amount of fees charged. In addition, as mentioned earlier, a small fee is not always an equally profitable purchase. For example, charges 2.99% for depositing in USD via Visa or Mastercard. Coingate, in turn, charges 8% commission on purchases made with a credit or debit card. If you want to buy Shiba Inu on Paybis, get ready to pay 4.5% for the purchase with a credit/debit card and 2.49% service fee. Uphold has decided to abandon the usual service fees, but charges a so-called “spread”, the size of which ranges from 0.8% to 1.8%.

However, fees are not always the most important criterion, it is much more important to compare the exchange rates of different platforms and only then make a choice.

Buying Shiba Inu with beneficial rates

In the previous section, we compared several major fiat providers that offer the opportunity to purchase Shiba Inu. But it would be much more visual to compare their rates. Let’s say you have 100 USD and you are looking for a trading platform to buy SHIB, there are a number of such options on Fiatom. Consider the table:            3276539

Coingate       3333333

Paybis           2719588

Uphold          3229791

So, comparing the fees charged and exchange rates, we can conclude that it is more profitable to buy Shiba Inu on You may wonder why, if the SHIB’s rate on Coingate is more profitable. It’s simple, Coingate charges high fees, after calculating which you will get less, despite a more favorable rate.


In order to enter the cryptocurrency world, you will have to exchange traditional funds for digital ones. Naturally, everyone wants to do it as profitably as possible and with a minimum of effort. Fiatom is here to help you, just a few clicks and here you see the best offer for buying SHIB or other cryptocurrencies.

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