SteemNova 2 Released!
SteemNova 2 Released!

By fervi | fervi | 3 Dec 2019

Finally I managed to release the second version of SteemNova's popular Steem game.

SteemNova 2 is a free (and open source) browser game inspired by the game Ogame, which is a multi-player tactical-strategic game. Our task is to develop the mother planet, colonize other planets and fight against other players.

Earnings cryptocurrency

One of the features of SteemNova is that it is possible to earn cryptocurrency Steem. If you are a good enough player, you get the money. They are not big yet, but I'm working to increase the pool.

In order to receive Steem, you need to sign in to SteemConnect (log in to your account). If you don't have a Steem account, write to Discord IntinteDAO and we will set you up free of charge.

Why is the game interesting?

The basic thing (if someone hasn't played Ogame) is its capabilities.

The most common comparison is between SteemNova and Nextcolony (also on the Steem platform). SteemNova, on the other hand, is a much bigger game with much more possibilities.

If you want to know something about a player in Nextcolony, you have a website (Spycolony) ready.

With us you have to send a spy probe, which:
- It can be destroyed
- It may not be able to send full data
- It gives current data, so in case of an attack you can lose if the enemy builds something or his ships return from the war.

And you have a lot of such interactions and opportunities!

Ready to rule the universe?

SteemNova's Discord:

IntinteDAO's Discord:



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