A new generation of social media - Zapread
A new generation of social media - Zapread

By fervi | fervi | 16 Oct 2019

As some remember, for over 2 years I was an active user and developer of Steem applications. I created various small and bigger solutions to help users and make their lives on the platform easier. Unfortunately, I failed. I believed that Steem is a good social networking platform and only after I left, I stopped using it I started to notice better - Publish0x for example, but also Zapread. The last one caught my attention because it aims at people, not at text quality.

Steem's senseless vision

Steem is a social network, but with very strict and unclear rules that I even practiced myself. How do I rate a short entry? A joke? Is it supposed to get a flag? Or maybe a small upvote? What to do?!

You must also become a policeman yourself, because nobody will flag the other one, and the order must be right! Must it?

Soon I realized that Steem is an anti-social network and does not solve any problem, and even introduces a lot.

Once Andreas Antonopoulos (one of the best cryptocurrency speakers) said that he received many proposals to create entries on Steem encouraged by the fact that you can easily earn money. (check resources)

Doesn't Steem offer anything but money? I don't know. Publish0x offers many things like peace and quiet and a nice atmosphere.


Zapread is a social network project built around Bitcoin. The aim is to create a place where people will share entries (from information to music, articles, photos and so on), and it is people who will decide which entries they like and reward with their money.

It doesn't seem like a good idea to pay someone for the content, but it solves a number of problems:
- Rewarded content. It is you who decides whether a given content will earn money, but losing some of your resources. So you will choose only the best content (You are not motivated to support weak content)
- No problems with the pool rape and other similar problems that destroyed Steem.

Of course there are ideas and projects on how to reduce the participation of people directly (their votes), for example in favour of sponsors who would have advertising on the platform.

As I have experience with many platforms I am happy to try to come up with some ideas to improve monetization systems.

Of course, the earnings in Zapread will not be high enough, but they are a certain incentive system rather than a regular income.

Zapread is not a machine. They are people.

I don't know if you know, but I've been informing about the problems with Dlive, Dtube, Dmania for a long time. I created materials on YouTube, on Steem, wrote messages to STINC to warn them, because these projects are worth nothing and spoil the network. However, the power of propaganda is greater than a network. Dlive escaped from the platform after earning a lot of cash, Dtube went to his own blockchain, Dmania finally lost support, but it was the programmer who insulted STINC :P

Steem lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to the disastrous STINC policy.

That was one reason why I blew Steem off. It's not a network of people, it's a network of Steemit Inc.

On Zapread (and probably Publish0x as well) there is no problem with contacting the creators. If you have a problem, you can write, you can offer cooperation. These are people. Real people who want you to use the platform.

Bitcoin (Lightning Network) is probably the future.

Lightning Network is growing rapidly. There are already the first ATMs, which for FIATs will give you Bitcoins in the Lightning network (and vice versa), more and more games are created, products and so on. Steem has never achieved economy, I know it because I have (or had?) the largest store on Steem with hundreds of products.

Zapread can make you earn more than just money (I hope that this is not your motivation in itself). But at the same time you will be able to build a network of fast and cheap transactions.


Register for Zapread and write something about yourself in "introduce yourself".


It's a platform I support. Not because I earn a lot of money (because I pay extra for it), but because in my opinion it is a step in the right direction. A new generation of "Steem", which solves most of the problems.

Any questions? :-)


I believe in the future. Bitcoin's Maximalist, amateur programmer, creator of unofficial DAO - IntinteDAO, fan of freedom, decentralization, new technologies.


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