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By felipejoys | felipejoys | 15 Aug 2020



Collection score predictions

Card prices are going to go up. Literally anything near burn rate is probably going to be profitable. Most people won't sell their cards because they will want to play in higher leagues, so prices in general should rise.

I'm not talking about just gold cards... Anything near burn rate really. Because they don't need to be combined. Just having them idling or having them from a delegation already counts towards card power for ranking up a league. Holding whatever card it may be helps you rank up in your main account, your secondary, or friends', your guildies', etc.

Yeah, this new system works wonders as an incentive for holding. If you buy cards close enough to burn rate, it's safe since you can just burn them if DEC goes up or if lands get released (in case you're saving up for those). If DEC doesn't go up but that card does, that's still profit. 1 bcx near burn-rate always goes up in one way or another.

This is all specially good if you use peakmonsters or monstermarket since it gives you back a % of each of your purchases. As far as I know, monstermarket is the best choice for now because of this: out of the 5% a market account keeps for itself, monstermarket gives you back 3%!

Wait, why would I trust you, Joys?

Trusting influencers' opinion on something is usually a bad call, because they usually own a lot of the asset they are promoting. The only thing you can take from it is "if there are a lot of people talking about it, then there's a market" but you just can't go with what their saying about technical details, pros and cons. You might even agree with what they're saying, but it might as well be nothing more than a coincidence.

But you see, my relationship with splinterlands is the weirdest little thing for most of you. My income relies on it a lot, but at the same time I don't have or make enough money to invest back. All I do is become very, very knowledgeable so I can make the safest and most effective choices possible when it comes to card buying, getting them played and sharing some of what I know.

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