Crypto should keep going up no matter what for a long time - despite eventual setbacks

By felipejoys | felipejoys nongaming | 10 May 2021



Cryptocurrency as a stable source of income

How trustworthy crypto can be depends on popular opinion, which is driven by insightful speculators and powerful influencers. It is loved by corporations because it's a means of tax evasion. It is worshiped by small investors because the dream really is at their reach. But most importantly, at this point, it's backed by its own history and guaranteed worldwide inflation. Economy itself favors cryptocurrency. Despite some coins such as BTC itself being nothing but an opinion bubble of no real use case, that will not change the fact that its price will keep rising, along with all other stable-maintenance tokens.

Decentralization pumps crypto indefinitely

If you'd bought $10 worth of Dogecoin five years ago, that would be about 44,050 Dogecoin. Today, that would be worth almost $23,800.

If we take a look at inflation combined with DOGE, it all stands out clearly. Dogecoin value keeps rising despite its supply being infinite. Speculation keeps the price going up, even though there is an established rule for endless mining and no halving of any kind whatsoever. That happens because of fiat inflation, allowing the investment of more people with money to spare, combined with selling it back at over a thousand times what it was worth.

A gigantic snowball effect takes place, because when an asset that was purchased so few years ago has skyrocketed in value only to be sold again, converted to fiat, it comes from the same pool of physical currency, but it does not stay idle. This results in a lot more money in circulation than originally intended, enriching everyone involved in earlier trades. More people can buy more real life products. This all means you'll have more money if you're involved with crypto, and you invest back into it instead of having your profit sit still somewhere.

Crypto lets you escape your economical fate

Think of Satoshi Nakamoto as a real life Robin Hood, disrupting central banks' "the poor stay poor and the rich get richer" plan all around the world. Crypto breaks capitalism in a way that favors everyone except those who are trying to stay in control of humankind, if you believe in this kind of systematic schemes.

As long as crypto isn't completely stopped, its value will keep rising. It might get sudden dips, but the trust of too many people have already been garnered. There are those who will keep buying no matter what happens. The rising safe median might be way below the current average, but it exists, so as long as your everyday meal doesn't rely solely on crypto, you'll be all right. And if it does, you get a chance to change that - thanks to cryptocurrency.


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