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Weekly Crypto Portfolio Update

By JayC0730 | FeelSoMoon | 26 Jan 2021

BTC - 69.34% ( Was 72.50%)

My BTC position finally dipped into the 60s range as a percentage of my portfolio. I expect this trend to follow as we get deeper into the bull cycle. I can see it reaching the low 50s as my other coins raise in value. BTC is king though so it'll remain my biggest position throughout the next few years.


ETH - 15.31% (Was 13.21%)

Ethereum is my second biggest position and should have a slight advantage on bitcoin as the trend continues. By the end of this cycle I expect my BTC to reach levels below 50% while my ETH rises close to 20%. The rise continues as it is finally over 15%.


ADA - 6.76% (Was 7.14%)

Cardano is one of my alternative projects to Ethereum. As you can see the bull cycle has helped increase the value of ADA more than other projects. I expect ADA to continue to rise and reach at least a 10% value of my overall portfolio. As we can see, the levels are getting there and with staking it may not take too long. 


DOT - 8.15% (Was 6.69%)

Polkadot is a lot like Ethereum when it comes to smart contracts they call parachains but also seeks to focus on interoperability with different chains through its relay chain. I expect this project to also have very healthy gains that help it reach a value of at least10% in my portfolio once the full bull cycle is complete. Staking and price appreciation has made this into my third largest holding at the current time.


HEX - 0.44% (Was 0.46%)

Last but not least is HEX. I can't say I'll stay invested within this project l. If the positive trend continues I expect to get rid of this coin some time this year. My decision has been made I just need to get rid of it and put it into another coin in my portfolio or look for that rare gem in the crypto space. I may also just use funds and send it to my brokerage account as I wait for that Coinbase IPO.


Dot seems to be my favorite child for this year. Great appreciation as well as interest from staking.

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