Protfolio Strength is shifting

Protfolio Strength is shifting

By JayC0730 | FeelSoMoon | 21 Feb 2021

My portfolio has finally shifted into what I believe will become a new norm. Bitcoin will keep losing gains in my portfolio but it will continue to be my highest holding.


BTC - 64.82%

BTC is gaining, just not as much as other coins. I do not see myself selling unless it reaches my price targets or my employment situation has a drastic change.


ETH - 12.02%

Ethereum has been benefiting from the recent gains but seems to also have a slower growth rate than my other two coins. I see it being fully overtaken by DOT when summer time comes.


ADA - 11.97%

Cardano is a great project and has much potential. I still see it being a top holding but it may be overtaken by Polkadot due to the staking percentage and value the chain brings into crypto.


DOT - 11.18%

Polkadot is moving up. I see it becoming my second biggest holding. This coupled with the high staking returns gives me hope that this coin will be a great growth and passive investment opportunity for the current bull cycle.


As stated in prior articles I plan to sell a minimum of 40% of each crypto once each price target is reached. I will show discipline this cycle and take gains when necessary.

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