Portfolio 2020 End

Portfolio 2020 End

By JayC0730 | FeelSoMoon | 31 Dec 2020

I had a look to gauge my success in the stock market this year. I'll summarize a part of my portfolio and risk below.

My overall portfolio is up a healthy 46.45% in the year of 2020. 

The portfolio is split into a long term common stock portfolio as well as a more risk heavy portfolio based on options.

I am 78% Stocks and 22% Options. My goal is to eventually keep stock plays under 10% of my portfolio. This year was unique in the opportunities it presented but I don't expect to keep this up past 2021.


Looking at my portfolio I also need to lower my dependence on margin. As of now I have 28.49% of my total portfolio in margin. I'd say the risk is too high and I do plan to get out of this risk level soon. Once again I'd like to keep margin at less than 10%.


My ultimate goal is to keep building a long term portfolio while using 10% margin ad play money to keep growing my investments. Does anybody have goals in mind when investing their money?

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