Hit Milestone. When will I take profits.

Hit Milestone. When will I take profits.

By JayC0730 | FeelSoMoon | 11 Feb 2021

As of today I hit a ceypto milestone thanks to the rising prices. I have recorded this day in my journal but I would like to think its only the beginning. My goal in the next 2 to 3 years is to take profit off the table and convert some of my gains into hard cash that can be used in more traditional markets.


I was a part of the 2017 rise but I never sold and due to that reason I was also a part of the way down when crypto crashed. The one thing I took from that experience is to set goals. Many people here may be very pro crypto to the point of wanting the destruction of fiat. I myself stand I between. I love crypto but I want to help my family reach new levels of success which can only be achieved the traditional way for now.


With that in mind I will set my goals below.


My portfolio is built up by ETH, BTC, ADA, and DOT. I will sell at least 40% of each coin once I hit the desired target for each coin. The targets are below.


BTC at $100k

ETH at 10K

ADA at $4

DOT at $200


I am most confident in reaching the BTC and ETH levels but the other coins would also hit their targets as they are high quality crypto in the Top 10.

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