Getting a friend into crypto

Getting a friend into crypto

By JayC0730 | FeelSoMoon | 14 Feb 2021

Just recently helped a friend get into crypto. He made a couple of bets on Superbowl Sunday and had a few good winnings. He knows I know crypto and asked for my advice to withdraw his crypto and get cash into his bank account.

It took a total of a couple of hours. I helped him open his coinbase account, I helped him download a secondary wallet in Exodus. I chose Exodus since it provided an exchange to freely swap crypto from one to another.

Once his BTC were in his wallet we exchanged them to LTC. This was done as a safety step in order to avoid Coinbase and their stance on receiving crypto from gambling sites. 

My buddy is currently waiting from his crypto. We got one more peep and any peep counts.

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