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What if everything we can dream of could come true?..

By turuncu | Feelings | 4 Feb 2021

We mostly live life as a rush. Life is too precious to waste even a moment of us in pessimism. It is also possible to live with peace, joy, happiness and enthusiasm. Is it possible to live every moment of our lives with miracles and beauty? Yes it is possible. However, just because it is possible does not mean it will definitely happen. The possibility of anything is always present as a potential, as a possibility. However, here many components go into the equation.

1) Faith

I'm not talking about religious belief here. Perhaps the belief within religions means that. However, I do not want to enter the religion section. It is neither for me nor anyone else to make a definition for all the religions that have ever existed in the world. But I can talk about belief. For example, we call believing that good things will happen to us, hope. Or believing that someone will add beauty to our lives expresses trust. The belief that we can achieve something in life depends on many factors such as motivation, self-confidence and trust in the universal system.

The underlying power of all this is faith. Belief means accepting that better, beautiful things will happen in all areas of life, even if it goes against our logic. Of course, we can convince our logic if we want.

Faith may be the most important thing in life. Not believing that something good will happen is not actually disbelief in my opinion. If we don't believe good things will happen, we believe bad things will happen. So we are not unbelievers. We absolutely believe in something. And we live what we believe, even without scientific evidence.

2) Love

Love is such a powerful thing ... Love is something that can change and transform anything. I don't think there is any scientific evidence of this, at least for now. Since there is no evidence, we only have the option to believe or not. Anyone who experiences love in a powerful way in their heart, in their life, knows that love is very powerful. For example, when a person falls in love, he turns into a completely different person. Their decisions, words, glances and even the shine in their eyes reflect love. Love is a wonderful blessing for a better, happier life.

3) Dreams

Dreaming is important to being happy. Even if we do not reach our dreams, it makes us happy to dream. We may have forgotten a little how to dream when we are adults. But we can remember it again. To dream is to imagine something we want to happen in the future as if it happened. It is to experience the same happiness and feelings.

4) Action in line with our dreams

We can facilitate a better and happier life with actions, behaviors and words. The logic is this:

A dream that makes us happy and

continuous action that suits our dream.


In this case it is key not to reach our dream and be happy in the end, but to be happy in every action. Bill Gates can be happy to start a company like Microsoft. However, doing the same may not give us happiness. Our success is the steps we take towards our own personal dream.

What does happiness mean to you? Smiles, laughter, good words, sincere, warm-hearted relationships ... etc. Then it would be more appropriate to act that way. How we feel and act in our dreams, we can do it in real life. We have already rehearsed by dreaming about it. 🤗

Now we can start living our dream.

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