Either be yourself or lose yourself

Either be yourself or lose yourself

By turuncu | Feelings | 6 Nov 2020

Be yourself

In life, we may sometimes encounter beautyand sometimes ugliness. Isn't Everything 100% Good? Or 100% bad ... Sometimes we have a tiring day and we return home to rest. We want to take a warm shower and get rid of the tiredness of the day. We eat our food, listen to music or watch TV.

So life becomes a path we walk between work, home and our bed. The exhausting pace of work, our house we use as a hotel and the bed we use to start the new day as a recharge have become our lives. We begin to show the behavioral models we learned in this process. We have begun to transform into someone other than ourselves in order to adapt. We do the behaviors our boss demands from us, and we are increasingly used to behaving in ways that our spouse or lover expects or think should be. We become more and more adept at demonstrating a personality model that we learned later. The more we master, the more we distance from ourselves. It becomes natural to express ourselves as our work, our success, our money. As natural as it is to express ourselves with these, we are no longer so ourselves.

We get so distant from ourselves that we forget who we really are. Either "this is me." We deceive ourselves, or the idea of ​​being ourselves again is so distant and scary. In either case, we cannot accept being ourselves. We cease to produce thousands of reasons not to be ourselves. Losing our job, loved ones, losing money, etc. We have countless reasons not to be ourselves. Yet they are all delusions or assumptions. Even if those who do not quite accept us as we are, get out of our lives, those who accept us as we are will enter our lives.

If we are ourselves, we may lose the job we have, but we may have a new job that we do happier, peacefully and with pleasure. How can the money you earn make us happy if we are not going to win as ourselves? How can living a life that is far from honesty and surrounded by living give peace? When we tell the lies we tell ourselves to others, does it change the fact that they are lies?

How can a person who has been directed to be a smart, good child from childhood be happy by ignoring the so-called madness (!) Within himself? How can someone be a strong person who doesn't know that being compliant does not mean compromising oneself? How can a person who loses himself because of fears of losing or not being loved be honest? What could be more accurate than being able to exist on Earth as yourself? The person who speaks the most about morality is actually the most immoral person. The one who always says "Let me tell you the truth" is actually the one who tells the most lies. The person who judges most of others is actually judging himself. Those who distribute judgment around are mostly those who do not accept themselves as they are and who do not really love themselves. In order for a person to be himself, he must accept and love himself. A person who loves and does not accept himself as he is is the person who most needs to be loved and accepted by others. He thinks that he should not compromise himself in order to please others, to be loved. If the person does not accept himself as he is, he assumes that others will not accept him as he is. He is mistaken to think that being loved means accepting, appreciating, giving up being oneself. The truth is just the opposite. However, the truth is to love yourself, to accept yourself, to know your own worth. A person who is himself does not need the approval and affection of others, but is loved, accepted and appreciated. Extinction is to cease to exist as itself. What really is own exists, becomes alive, becomes alive.


Feeling is the life.

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