Rising Star. The game that everyone talks about. Game or Investment?

By fdeflash | fdeflash | 1 Jan 2021

Rising Star. The game that everyone talks about. Game or Investment?

The first impression of the platform is not as good as when you have spent at least 10 minutes doing some research. And then you realize how amazing this project is. Explaining the game is simple, you have to carry out missions while you have energy, when the energy runs out, or we hope it recharges itself (slowly) or we use items that allow us to fill the bar again to continue doing missions. But behind this simple explanation, there is a whole project.

This is what the platform looks like once you have registered.


Regarding the registration, it is worth mentioning that you must have an account in #hive and its keychain.

There is more to the page than meets the eye. We started.


1. Menu
2. EGO Bar (I still don't know what it's for)
3. Battery
4. Cards. In this case, as we have just started we only have the singer of the band, more members of the group will be unlocked.
5. The combination of skills that will make us earn better rewards, the luck that we will have while doing the rewards, we can find objects that will help us fill the energy bar.
6. The number of cards we have totally.
7. Radio. Good independent music.
8. Feed. The rewards obtained appear.
9. Main Missions. They allow us to earn mainly Starbits, tokens belonging to the Rising Star platform, which we already know is part of Hive. And Starbits has its monetary value as any token. As we advance, new areas will be unlocked on the map.
10. Side missions. They allow us to earn other tokens, also with their monetary value. There are also some mini-games
11. The board with the missions.
12. Level. Experience points for the next level. Accumulated Starbits and withdrawal and deposit options.
13. The selected mission with the requirements to be able to do it. It consists of 4 premises that must be met in order to do it. The first icon is the fans, the second, the level, the time it will take to complete and finally the amount of battery required. Just below is the rewards that we will get. And down all the time remaining for the mission to be completed. And well above the file we have the name of the mission and its description.

There is much to explain, we go with the menu:


1. Home. Main page where you register and login.
2. Missions. (the page that you can see in the screenshot that I used as an example)
3. Cards. Attached capture.


There is much to say, the cards bring you get a series of bonuses that you have to review to see which card suits you best. There are several types of letters as usual. Normal, rare, epic and legendary. It should be mentioned that the platform has only been in use for 9 months. It is a beta phase, and the acceptance it has had, and the use it is having by the community is incredible. And the idea is very good and it works well. The cards that we accumulate add bonuses to our band and allow us better rewards ($$$). They can be purchased via paypal, paying with Hive or Starbits. It also has its own market where you can buy and sell cards with other players. 1 cards pack = 5 Hive/ 12 packs = 50 Hive.

4. Achievements. Total de misiones realizadas y recompensas por numero de misiones. Hay muchas pero añadiran mas.
5. Rankings
6. FAQ
7. Hive
8. Discord
9. Facebook

The community on Discord is super friendly, the support too, they are also seen with great enthusiasm and energy, and they are going to do something great. Do not lose sight of this platform because it will grow very fast. Therefore, it is a good time to get on this train and see how it moves from a good place within the platform.

If you give it a chance you will see that although it may not seem like it, it is very addictive, haha. I leave you my referral link, which gives 1 Starbit for each mission that your referrals make. So if you dare use the link that I leave below.

Rising Star registration:



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