By Lunatic74 | Faucets Coins | 18 Mar 2021

Good morning all.
I want to share with you a game that I often see in my faucet pubs.

I wanted to try it it's been 2 days that I play and I find it simpatic.
I would like to set up a team so that we can all play together and see who goes the furthest and fastest.

Buy your own crypto miner.



The principle is simple.
Play mini games to gain computing power and earn BTC ETH DODG & Rollercoin token.
I give you my affiliate link:


If a lot of people join us via this link I would necessarily earn more and would therefore play small games where we can earn crypto directly. (Twitter etc)


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Bonjour je suis intéressé par vos avis et publications sur les crypto.

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