Autodutchy fail

My terrible experience with Autodutchy and why you shouldn't use it

By Ap0 | Faucets and free crypto | 15 Jan 2022

This post concerns my terrible experience with the autofaucet known as DutchyCorp.  

My username is DirectQuotations and I am currently level 16 and I have used DuthcyCorp's autofaucet for several weeks now. When I look at my wallet balance I see 10 cents USD. Now I know crypto has dropped significantly in the past few months but even if I were to double or triple that amount it would be insignificant in relation to the amount of hours I have put in (I mean hours and hours). For the past 3 days I have done nothing but shortlinks, ptc ads, surf ads and emptied all opportunities and left the faucet running for nights on end. And yet - a total combined of 10 cents is in my account.   This however I can forgive because this is what a faucet entails - drips and drops of crypto given out every few hours or so.


Fine, no biggie. What really broke the camel's back today was an incident I had with the chat. To give you some context the chat rules are as follows:

**Some chat rules** English only! ** *Don't post links!* *Don't spam chat! *Posting only smileys and single words as well talking to or tagging the rainbot is not allowed! *Don't ask for Rain or Promo codes! *You do NOT need to chat to get rain, just be active at the site by doing tasks. *Support for Dutchy sites related topics only! **No swearing**Keep it friendly**  


Pretty standard for any online text chat. That evening as I went online to do the aforementioned offers to supply up for the night I saw a user ask whether it was more advantageous to run a 10 minute time interval as opposed to a 1 minute time interval. I explained that the most value when factoring in time and dutchy coins (prime faucet currency) was currently set at 4 minutes. A mod by the name of patje quickly interjected and said the following:  


*MOD patje lvl 23 RomkaBit9:20 pm 5х multyplayer and 4 minyets?

4, 6, 8 and 10 minutes will give the same amount but if your level gets way higher you can see a little difference with a higher timer. So level up as fast as you can to make more profits and hold Space coin in Metamask or Trustwallet connected to BSC*  


I then mathematically demonstrated that for a given time (x) the greatest turn around time while factoring for efficiency gave us the greatest value for 4 minute time interval (yes I wrote the formulas in the chat with x, y) and concluded that when compared to a 10 minute interval the profit ratio would be equivalent to 15:6 which is near double for time factor (x) = 60 minutes.  


Without explanation the mod deleted my messages, failed to explain why, and then muted me when I asked. I have emailed support for any answer but am still waiting. Either way, I think I'm done with autodutchy after being terribly put off by this mod who seems to project his grievances by compensating for his lack of understanding of mathematics or who wishes to keep a faucet secret, secret (any comments?).


I encourage other users to look for other opportunities that have a greater value and can assure you that they exist. Whether it's hi dollar, an xrp faucet, nano drop, I have made more money with these in the last 3 days than I have made in weeks using autodutchy, and with much less time investment overall (I mean I'm talking about hours of shortlinks and ptc ads).   Learn from my experience and don't be lulled in by a false sense of profit making with this low paying site with terrible staff.

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Faucets and free crypto
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