WireX vs Crypto.com - comparing benefits

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 9 Sep 2020

In this post we will cover all sides of these companies and compare all functions that are similar so it perhaps could be easier for you to choose a crypto based card that suits your needs when it comes to using your crypto as payment in stores and much else.

Base Platform

So the base of both apps/websites are way different, WireX only support 10 different coins/tokens including their own token that you can buy directly at current price with your local bank card or by transferring any of the supported coins to the wallets and exchange it to either crypto or your accounts fiat currency and support most of the world.

Crypto.com has a lot more crypto you can also buy directly buy with card (50+) but also buy to other prices using the full exchange system that they have build in so you can buy and sell crypto at the price you want. You can of cause also transfer crypto to yoru accounts, support staking and much more that WireX doesn't you can see more of that reading my in detailed post about crypto.com here.

Cards and Cashback rewards

WireX has only one card you can get that is pre-paid only, tho they have recently gone into a partnership with Mastercard so could be they will get normal cards instead. Per standard WireX only give 0.5% cashback with different tiers depending on the amount of their token you hold in the app. 50,000 to 99,999 = 0.75%, 100,000 to 499,999 = 1% and 500,000+ is 1.5% in cashback when only used in stores and not online. Monthly fee for card is 1.2 USD.

Crypto.com support full out Visa Debit cards with a standard and all cards are free from monthly fee's tho you can pick all sort of cards if you stake the right amount of CRO tokens that you also are paid in on cashback both from stores and online. There is a free card with 1% cashback and the rest looks like this. 1000 CRO gives 2% and 100% on spotify when using card to pay. 10,000 CRO gives 3% and 100% on spotify and netflix when using card to pay. 100,000 CRO gives 4% and 100% on Spotify, Netflix and PrimeVideo, 10% on Expedia and a lot of other benefits as welcome package. 1,000,000 CRO and you get 5% cashback, 100% on Spotify, Netflix and Prime Video and 10% on Expedia and AirBnB and private jet partnership and much more.


Beside everything else WireX is for both business and private. Your business account let you have crypto wallets and multiple supported fiat wallets.

Crypto.com do allow you to sign up as a business and start taking crypto payments for your business using either their plugins or adding the API to your website code and start taking crypto.

Crypto.com do also support a lot more things that WireX doesn't and i would recommend you again to check my post on crypto.com that explain a lot more on the things they support.

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