The cloud mined ETH token and game

The cloud mined ETH token and game

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 8 Aug 2019

Well, there are two apps to this that both work together under the same account so we will just take each app on two different sections to make it less confusing hopefully.



This is the cloud miner where you have to open the app every 24 hours to extend the mining with 24 hours tho you can usually do it every 20 hours. Right now every 24 hours you get approx 100 tokens that automatically is added to your balance in both apps, I will explain more about the use when we get to the other app.

Right now the min payout from the miner app is 7000 PHM which used to be 40000 PHM but recent update made it only 7000. PHM is also traded on the LATOKEN exchange so you are sure you have a good volume every day.

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Crypto Treasure Hunt

Well, this is the second app where the earning really start and its all for free. Its an app with mini-games and quests that earn you gold coins that you can use to open the chest and get extra items and even crypto up to 20 different coins and tokens. 


The supported coins and tokens that can be dropped: PHM, BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, EOS, XLM, TRX, Doge, TCAT, TELOS, Turtle, ESTATE, KSS, NAT, GC, RPI, SPOT, WSP and CTK with the possibility of more getting added with time.

So where does the PHM come into this? well simply some quests take like 1 to 3 PHM to start but its nothing compared to the amounts that drop from chests and quests and every time you level up. 

There is a daily quest where you can do some math questions and earn some gold and exp or watch videos and answer a question to earn gold exp and a chest and many other simple quests.

Then there are the quests that take time to do, like spinning a sudden amount of times or open a number of chests but these can pay a lot more in the end then the dailies and will give you enough gold the buy a few of the best chests in the game and actually get a lot of crypto drops. 

The main game is spinning a wheel of colors and if you guess the right color it lands on you get 20 gold and 40 with a wheel booster that you get from chests.


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