My List of good exchanges

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 2 Aug 2019

So i just wanted to give people the option to find new exchanges that you could use to exchange a token or something else that you havn't been able to find.


1. Stex Exchange

Stex exchange is one of my favorite exchanges that isn't instant but just a normal exchange. Stex is so far i know of the only exchange that give you free EURx just to verify who you are that you instantly can use to exchange to a crypto currency. Stex is good at adding new coins and tokens all the time so you will be able to find almost anything there no matter if its a ethereum token or a masternode coin and as well as the normal coins like bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. 

Stex has a referral program with a lifetime 25% commission.


2. Changenow 

This is an instant exchange where you deposit one coin/token and you get the other coin/token paid out when your deposit have been confirmed. I had to include this exchange not only because my website is a partner of Changenow but also because they are my favorite instant exchange. Changenow have a very low fee and min deposit of $50 compared to Changelly with their $100. Changenow is also so far i know the only instant exchange that give you an amount of NOW tokens every time you make a trade on the platform which also are on different exchanges like IDEX.


3. Coinbase

Coinbase, one of the oldest exchanges of its kind. With all the new things coming up with coinbase with new tokens and coins being added and now their crypto visa card being expanded to a lot of new country's very quickly this is for sure one good exchange. you can instantly buy, send and receive crypto with your bank card or bank deposits. Also Coinbase do not force you to have ethereum in your wallet to send Tokens and just take the fee from the token instead and is a feature i really like.


4. Binance

Binance is one of the biggest exchanges in the world with a big trading volume every single day supporting a ton of coins and tokens and actually a lot of different coins and tokens compared to a lot of exchanges and is one of the reasons that it makes it to my list over good exchanges out there.

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