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By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 24 Aug 2020

So today i will be covering that also have made their own tokens and a lot more that i hope i will be able to explain in a good way for you to understand how much there really is behind this company and what it has.

What is ? is everything you can ask for in one place, you can exchange, buy, pay and much more within an app and even get benefits within your country like a % off your item at a specific company and much more. You can also get your very own visa card/cards in all different tiers with all different benefits all from 1% cashback on store purchases.

The Exchange

The exchange on supports a big amount of different crypto you can buy and sell using crypto or fiat that you can fill with your own bank card or from other crypto wallet deposits as well getting trading signals you can fit after your needs so you know when to buy and sell your crypto.

The MCO Visa card

So this one is a little tricky per say, there is a lot of different crypto visa cards with all sorts of benefits to get and you can unlock each one staking the right amount of CRO tokens. So i can help you a little bit to get the best solution even tho there is a free card you can get.

First if you sign up to using my link there is a bonus of $50 worth of CRO tokens but you will need to follow this to unlock the 50 bucks.

First you need to sign up using one of the links in this article and verify your self. Now you have $50 worth of CRO in your CRO wallet but they are locked to you have staked 1000 CRO tokens as well as signed up for the MCO Metal visa card. There you go, you just got your self a free $50 you can do what ever you want with.

All card cashback is paid in CRO tokens and is min 1% with the free card and more with the staking cards.

Staking also support staking of proof of stake coins and much more that you can stake and earn a good interest on while your coins just sit in your staking wallet and you wont have to do anything at all after pressing stake. Pay

No this is not a function for a company to receive crypto tho you can sign up for a company profile to receive crypto payments, but with Pay you can pay your friends with ease as well buy electronic gift cards to shops in your country that have partnered with and even receive up to 5% cashback if paying with the CRO token to buy your gift card.

Pay also allow you to top up your phone using crypto tho it takes your provider is supported by the system.

Crypto Earn

This program allows you to earn up to 18% per year on your crypto depending on how much CRO you are staking in your wallet all from less then 1000 CRO to above 10,000 CRO and it basically works with all supported coins within the wallet.

This comes in different terms which is Flexible which gives the lowest rate of them all but you are fully free to take out your coins as you see fit or you can go with 1 or 3 months term where you wont be able to move the coins out of the program for that time.

The reward is paid every 7 days and in the same crypto as deposited into the crypto earn program.

There is a min deposit on every coin, but i would recommend to read all about it in app when you are signed up and ready to go.

Reward System comes with a reward system that i also have covered a little bit earlier in this post. This is very simple, you get rewarded for every friend you get to join, cashback from crypto pay and your card cashback and you can see it all in detail in the app


You have 2 kinds of wallets on where one is fiat that you can deposit EUR, GBP and AUD with your card or bank transfer, the other is your crypto wallets that is about 20+ different cryptos.

I hope that this post have done a good job on explaining this company to you and what you can gain from using this set company so you wont have to deal with all the problems of selling crypto to fiat and after transferring it to your bank account and have to wait ages to use your money again when you simply can just sell it in app and use it right away with your card.

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