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By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 17 Sep 2019

So I have done this for years and researched so many hours a day to figure out how I could drive enough traffic to a website without having to put a penny forward any sort of advertising because advertising doesn't always give the outcome that you want so thats why I'm making this post hoping to help you generate enough traffic for your website so you can grow it. 

Let's just take my website

The site is about 2 weeks old and is already generating over 2500 visits from google alone every day beside the direct traffic from sharing to twitter and facebook and other networks out there.


Hosting and Domain

Lets first make sure that you got what is needed to get things done, first of all, a normal host, not one of the free hosting sites like Wix (Would recommend I use them my self and done for years). You need to have a normal hosting account with FTP access and they are also normally much cheaper and you get a lot more for the price.

When you have your domain and hosting you would need an SSL, search engines like google reward sites using SSL by showing them before sites without SSL. With the above host, you can either buy it and automatically install it or requests free let's encrypt the web SSL, but have in mind the paid SSL give you coverage in case of being hacked and only cost you $20 as the cheapest.

Now its all up to whatever you want to do if you want to blog I would recommend the use of Wordpress since they have a lot of good plugins to help you grow your site. If you choose wordpress I would recommend the plugin "All in one SEO pack" since they let you add keywords and custom title and info text that will be shown on the search engines as shown in the image below.


Because mine is a review site it will sometimes also show ratings on a google search which also can help people that are searching for a sudden thing This usually shows the overall rating of the users and not the score I gave it. 


Finding Keywords

So keywords are a big deal when it comes to websites because they are part of if your site will be shown in a search or not, you can find free keyword search tools with a simple search on google for keyword researcher. They let you search on a word, let's say we would know what's best with the keyword Bitcoin, it will then now show you all sort of keywords including bitcoin and the number of monthly searches.

Bitcoin alone will, of course, have the biggest number of all of them as the most searched, but it will also be the hardest one since a lot of sites will be using this keyword and you aren't gonna show on the first page unless you have a lot of traffic but still a good keyword if your site is about bitcoin or crypto in a whole.

Just make sure only to use keywords that are about your website's topic since you can get blacklisted by search engines, so it's better not to try to tempt the faith since it can destroy any business if you can't be found.

So if you use the keyword tools and you add the keywords to the plugin I told you about earlier or into the Meta tag that you can add into the <head></head> tag of your HTLM or header file.

Remember always if you write something new to share it on your twitter and facebook since they in the end also could bring you some nice traffic and use hashtags in them. 


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