Gridcoin and how to get it for free!

Gridcoin and how to get it for free!

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 14 May 2021

So i as late found this coin doing a search and found it very interesting that its a proof of stake coin, but the wallet are build in with BOINC system ( still have to download manager) so you can fold at home for research using a pool system, and i will help setup the system to start folding at home and get rewarded in GRC.

But first, you can also get the coin for free every 24 hours from their faucet that pay between 0.05 - 0.5 GRC random generated number and sent to your wallet, but first you will need to download the wallet at for your system and install it and sync it (take use of snapshot to make it less)




Setting up BIONC


First you will need to make an account with the grc pool or the other one there is, but i will be using today to setup with BOINC but should be about the same. Have in mind the password you use on the pool will be the same used for BOINC so do not use special characters like <#¤%"#"#¤%¤ in the password since it wont work well.


You will now have to go to and download the BOINC manager by clicking the blue Download button unless the project you will fold for require VirtualBox, but we wont need it for the projects that we will use in this post but you still can if you want.

When you have installed go under View > Andvanced view


Go under Tools > Use account manager to start setup the pool with your BOINC and choose grcpool under the list and press next.

You will now have to login with the information you used to signup with the pool. Your username (not email) and the password that you setup when you signed up and click next and let it do its thing.


Now you should see there is something under My Hosts if everything went correctly. if so please click on My Host and then on your host PC so you will get into a new page where you can choosee projects.


Add the projects you see in the image and remember to say no CPU on Amicable Numbers since TN-grid is CPU only and the other one is both GPU and CPU so to make sure that your CPU and GPU only work at max on one project at a time you need to tell it not to use CPU on one. When you have done that please press save project settings.


Now we need to sync the pool with BOINC by going under Tools > Synchronize with and it should automaticly add all the settings and projects to your BOINC manager and should already be starting working on the different projects.

If you go under Options > Computing prefs you can change up how much of the CPU, GPU and disk space the BOINC use and when not to uses it but it will change everytime you sync with the pool.

Now just fold at home and you should with time see in the pool account how much you earn. Just remember to set your withdrawal address so it will automaticly send you the funds when reaching 1 GRC.

Thanks for reading my little guide

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