Fake Tron Tokens - Scam alert

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 7 Jun 2021

Sadly scammers are always trying to find new ways to steal your money and is why i will start making theses kind of posts warning people about different new scams out there so people will know more before they get hit by one of these scams. One scam that i've noticed have started to become a lot as late is a Tron scam where the scammers will be sending you TRX10/20 tokens to your wallet.


These tokens are made to steal your Tronlink wallet information when you try to exchange them at the only place that these tokens are listed at. Simply when you try to exchange using your "tronlink" as a swap normally do it will open a 3rd party window to have you write in your password and such instead of the real Tronlink window.

You should just fully ignore these tokens and even send them to a burner wallet so they are gone. Sadly not much can be done against theses tokens beside teaching people about it so they wont fall for it. 


Tho as shown in the image above DRPS and ZMN is two chinese swap websites where you only can swap their token, both sites beside some color corrections looks alike and i did a test on these site while my tron was locked away, but nothing really like the first tokens shown. I can't personally figure out if they really are a scam or not and if the community know more please write it in the comments below of this post.

So please be careful out there. There is so many scams and ways to get scammed so always do your research before acting on anything of these tokens.

I will everytime i find some scams that is different from the rest make a post like this to warn people so always stay tuned for a new post of warning!

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Thanks for reading, untill next time!

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