Dogecash the other doge you havn't heard about yet...

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 30 Jul 2019

So i have been dealing with a lot of coins trough my time and a lot of them is what we call a shit coin with a very few that actually goes places. When i say going places its about active development, plans and price and activity as well as trading volumes.

Today i want to introduce to you one of my favorite coins out there that actually is not a POW coin. Yes i'm talking about a prove of stake coin and its part of what the doge stand for compared to its big brother dogecoin that is a Prove of work coin, but have mostly the same kind of charities that they support.

Dogecash is an active development and i speak often with one of the developers and he is mostly always working on code for the dogecash project. Its a project that have a very clear Roadmap and stand by what they want when it comes to direction of the coin it self and its system.

Beside that they have an amazing looking wallet compared to a lot of masternode coins and have done a rewamp of the masternode code so all the errors and so on that came from some of the first MN coins have been worked on and fixed.

Dogecash is actively being listed on exchanges and marketcap sites and masternode hosting services

The coin have been up on $0.10 cent but because of the market every coin is down in the drain. This coin have so much potential and i see a great future of this coin.




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