Monero faucet review: CryptoXMR

By Nabeshin | Faucet Reviews | 6 Jun 2021

Monero is based on the CryptoNote Protocol. Using a proof-of-work algorithm, which works differently than the SHA-256 coins, like Bitcoin. Released in 2014, it was forked from Bytecoin and exceeded it in popularity and market value.

Right now in June 2021, 1 Monero = $273. This crypto currency reached its peak in January 2018 with a value of $542.

Here some interesting basics about Monero (XMR), why it's so safe and how it's getting abused for dark web transactions.

Monero faucets are rather rare, but I was able to find one and here I'm already writing about it: CryptoXMR.

As far as I was able to tell you can get out something between 0.00005 XMR and 0.00008 XMR which is something around $0.02. If that is actually true it's amazing compared to most other faucets. But that's not it, CryptoXMR is not one of those once-per-hour faucets. You can claim Monero each 10-20 minutes all day long. How long you have to wait is actually quite random and determined by traffic.

The minimum amount to withdraw is 0.135 XMR, which is about $36. And that's the highest withdrawal minimum I've encountered so far. But it's also the most generous faucet, so I guess that's fine?

Since everything is a bit random with this faucet, I'll just use the best and worst values.
Claiming each 20min with an amount of 0.0005 XMR will equal around 0.0036 XMR, which is around $0.98 per day -> that is already amazing. But what could theoretically be the best daily outcome with 10min intervals of 0.0008 XMR? It is 0.01152 XMR, and that equals is $3.14 per day! Incredible. Maybe too good to be true?

Scam-adviser gives this website a very bad rating but I can't find any other real reviews and that's a bit weird. Scamrate rates CryptoXMR as safe but that's probably just the website itself and not the offered service?

Well the information on this faucet is pretty scarce, but if you are still in the mood to give this faucet a try like me, register with this link at CryptoXMR. Together we'll find the truth.

(As soon as I'll have more information on this website I'll update this article)

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