How to Create Exponentially Scaling Passive Income

By Bologna | Faucet Living | 18 Feb 2021

Passive income is an often talked about and desired form of income that has grown to become more accessible than ever before. Passive income simply refers to income that is not tied to your time, allowing you to make money while you sleep, eat, play video games, or anything else you'd rather do than work! This does not mean passive income does not require work, in fact it may require more work than other forms of income, but the work is mostly up front. Through one simple trick (that economists and doctors hate!) you can exponentially scale your passive income: through reinvesting your profits. 


Initial Passive Income

In order to exponentially scale your passive income, you first need to acquire your first source of passive income. One recommendation I'd make is Rollercoin, a crypto mining simulator game / faucet. You earn cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, or Doge) from playing mini-games that grant "mining power" that will mine crypto for you for up to 7 days at a time, making this semi-passive. You can also reinvest your profits into miners that will grant permanent mining power for an entirely passive income.



Reinvesting the profits you make will be the key to exponentially scaling your passive income. Cloud mining is one form of passive income that requires capital. Dualmine is a longstanding and reputable cloud mining company that frequently offers great deals, with a sale going on currently that basically multiplies the value of your investment by 9x. By using the profits you get from Rollercoin, you can invest in Dualmine and other new forms of passive income, allowing your income to grow on a daily basis! 



For example, say you could get $1.50 a year for every $1 you invest and you're already earning about $500 a year from a passive income source. Assuming you reinvest everything, this is what a yearly exponential growth could look like. 

Year 1: $500

Year 2: $750

Year 3: $1,125

Year 4: $1,687

Year 5: $2,531

Given those conditions, one could quintuple their income in 5 years! Imagine what could happen in 10 or 20 years! 

Here's a Link to Rollercoin

Here's a Link to Dualmine


Passive Income with No Investment + $5 Signup Bonus

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