High-Yield Bitcoin Faucet with 5% Daily Bonus!

By Bologna | Faucet Living | 7 Sep 2020

Bonus Bitcoin is one of the best faucets associated with the Coinpot wallet, which I covered before in a previous article, as it has the highest potential to earn, especially without the loyalty bonus stacked on other faucets. 

Bonus Bitcoin awards up to 12 satoshi every 15 minutes, allowing for a generous rate of 48 satoshi an hour. This is very generous when compared to the moon bitcoin faucet that give out a base 3 satoshi for every 15 minutes. You also get a 5% bonus of every claim you made in the previous 3 days, allowing for even larger income potential. 

Maximizing Earning Potential:

There are two options for claiming, but from my experience, one is much better than the other. The default means of claiming is that you get a random amount of satoshi, up to a potential 5,000 satoshi from one claim. Unfortunately, that is a very rare occurrence, leaving the alternative option as the preferable one. You can get a set amount of satoshi that varies based upon the price of bitcoin, currently at 12 satoshi a claim. The guaranteed average will almost always pay out better than the random one, unless you are one of the very lucky people to get the jackpot.  Just make sure you use the same e-mail as your coinpot account to get everything paying in to the same wallet, and to get that potential 54% compound interest

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Passive Income with No Investment + $5 Signup Bonus

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