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Earning crypto: what are the best ways?

Good morning all,

This post will be suitable mainly for newbies who are starting to take an interest in cryptocurrency.


The advantage of cryptocurrency is that it is not necessary to put money in your bank account directly to play as on the stock market. There are different ways we can earn crypto.


Automatics Faucets :


An automatic tap is one of the easiest ways to earn cryptocurrency. Indeed, it is enough to earn points in order to run the faucet to earn crypto. It works on its own if you leave your computer running and doesn't require a lot of presence.

Firefaucet is for me the simplest and the most profitable. You have to earn ACPs to turn the tap on. To earn ACP, you have to go through shotlinks, surveys, PTC ... the basic when you want to earn money on the internet. Currently you can earn 5 BTC satoshis per minute, 60 LTC satoshis per minute .... It only works with large cryptocurrencies


AutoFaucet is another automatic faucet with the same operation. The big advantage lies for the payments which can be made directly on Faucet Pay. This allows for smalls withdrawals. The other positive point is that it allows you to collect cryptos a little less basic such as Tron (TRX), Tezos (XTZ) ....

Finally we can talk about Dutchycorp Autofaucet. It uses the same basics as the other 2 automatic taps and again allows you to win different crypto.

A combination of the 3 really allows you to make nice gains (between $ 20 and $ 30 per month if you manage correctly)


"Manuals" Faucets :


Coinpot & its faucets: Faucets like Bitfun, Bonus Bitcoin, and all the moon. (Moonlite, Moondash, ...). Coinpot allows you to centralize all earnings, and to trade between crypto. Payments are made directly or on Faucetpay. The big advantage of coinpot lies in its system of tokens which allows them to be changed into crypto and therefore to increase their earnings more quickly.

SimpleBits : faucet that allows you to earn Bitcoin in 2 ways either directly or with passive income. Personally I prefer this option because by answering surveys, PTC earns you coins that allow you to buy equipment that earns you interest for 30/60/90/120 days. By playing well the wins can be fun and not too difficult.

Cointiply is perhaps the most remunerative over time. Indeed, each day allows you to accumulate gains. By answering surveys, PTCs, shotrlinks ... you earn BTC. It's easy to use and very well done with an explanation of the site (which you won't find anywhere else) and a detailed interface ...


I will stop there because the goal is not to do all the faucets ... it would take much more than a day to make them work and especially each person will use different combinations of faucets.

For my part, these sites have allowed me to create a good starting point for my portfolio.

I hope to have given some information to beginners and especially do not hesitate to ask your questions.

The next step if you wish will be to do stacking or trading ....

I will explain this to you in a little more details


Feel free to leave comments, and if you like other faucet links.

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faucet et wallet crypto. Gagner et epargner
faucet et wallet crypto. Gagner et epargner

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