Kurt Cobain Canceled By The Conservatives???

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I hope this message finds you well, if not, blame Kurt Cobain for being one of the first social justice warriors (SJW). I mean, I LOVE Kurt Cobain and his music, but he seemed to be so judgmental of others. Maybe that's why he committed suicide? He was so judgmental of others and himself that he self destructed? Or MAYBE Courtney Love did him a favor and put him out of his judgmental misery?  Either way, Kurt Cobain is one of my all time favorite musicians. God bless you Kurt Cobain and Rest In Peace. I often wonder how he would feel about the world if he were alive today? Would Kurt Cobain push the Covid-19 MAGA jabs like so many other rock stars? Would conservatives and truthers cancel/Bud Light Kurt Cobain if he were alive today? This will be the subject of my next podcast, going live this Wednesday Aug. 16 at 4pm PST. 


I have been having so much fun going live that I am going to go live on YouTube every Wednesday in August, except Aug. 16th. In this episode I explain why I recently put out a cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and I a story about my 9th grade math teacher who was also Dave Grohl's math teacher.

I just released a recording of an acoustic guitar/harmonica cover of me playing Nirvana's  “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. 

This project is a bit different than my usual videos as the audio was recorded by my good friend @vintage_lion at his @bsrp_llc studio up in Northern California. Mitch felt so strongly about the audio recording that he insisted on releasing it under his label. I just shot the video out on my urban hike near my home in San Diego, CA. The recording is available on Spotify and anywhere you listen to music 🎶 . Why record a cover song? Well, it’s a lot different than the original of course. I’ve made this song into a folk song now, which will help it live on, hopefully. Furthermore, sometimes recordings of cover songs are a good way for people to discover me.

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It's going to be a busy week for me so that's it for now.  Fast Heart Martyrs! Write back and say hello when you can :)  

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Aug 15, 2023 
San Diego CA

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