7 Nation Army And 1st World Problems

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I hope this message finds you well, if not, blame the Universe for making you get born into a 1st world nation where we have our own unique problems such as isolation and loneliness. I take issue with the phrase “1st world problems” because it assumes that we don't have a right to feel sad for any reason. We have plenty of right to feel sad just as anyone else. However, I hope you are not sad and life is going well for you :) 

7 Nation Army 

Here is a video I made of The White Stripes song “Seven Nation Army” played on a banjo, accordion and washboard. Saki played the accordion as she happened to be in San Diego after being Europe for a while. 

What is a “Seven Nation Army”? If we live in a “1st world nation” and “3rd world nations” are usually thought of as economically poor, then is a “7 Nation Army” a good one or a a really dilapidated one?!?! Decide for yourself, but the song makes it seem like a “7 Nation Army” is the most powerful kind. Let me know your thoughts on the subject ;) 

Going Live Again

Some of you may remember that last month I went “Live” for the first time on YouTube. It was a pretty good time you can see it here:

Well, I'm “Going Live” again on Wednesday July 26th, at this link here: 

It will be an hour of banter, music and jokes! Please join me! 
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Playing REAL Live 
I have been fortunate to get lots of private gigs through a booking agency called GigSalad. “Smokey” Joe and I played at a July 4th themed senior event a few weeks back and got a great review seen at the bottom of the page.


Well, that's enough for this month Fast Heart Martyrs! Write back and say hello if you get a chance :) 

"Fast Heart" Martin Stamper
July 21, 2023 
San Diego CA

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