004 – Besides cryptos and precious metals why not seeds?
Investing in seeds.

004 – Besides cryptos and precious metals why not seeds?

By Farinha | Growing into the future. | 3 Nov 2020

If you read my previous post 003 – Cryptos or precious metals you already know where I invest in. But is it the only thing you should invest for the future? More than just accumulating metal bars, coins or digits in a digital wallet I believe there is more to our future.

When I started to learn about money and the world of investing I thought “what benefit would I have to sit in a pile of precious metals or look at my spreadsheet to check my crypto balance if I do not have food?” Yes, if you are rich you can buy food. But you also attract a lot of undesirable visits when you have what others don't have to buy what everyone needs. And, if there is no food to buy or if the price is so high that your metals or crypto are not enough to purchase food for a few weeks?

That´s when I realize you may live without cryptos or metals but you can´t live without food. And once again I had to adapt my strategy and start to dive deep into this field to see it as an investment for the future also.

I did not start to prepare myself by buying tons of food to store at home, actually I realized I had to be more independent than that. The best solution would be to grow my own food.

First I had to have a garden, and living in a building in the center of the second biggest city in Portugal was not a good scenario. Second I had to know how to grow food (you know, it's not easy to have this knowledge when you born in the capital and your family never had a food garden)

To solve the first problem I “run” from the big city to the countryside. To solve the second problem I moved to a house with 5000 square metres (1,236 acres) garden to grow some food.

I was much more relaxed also investing my time to learn how to grow food than just investing my money in precious metals and cryptos. That´s when I realized to grow veggies and be more independent I had to start from the beginning... the seeds, the heirloom and not the Monsanto/bayer seeds or seedlings.

my first garden

The point is, sometimes going back to basics and having more control makes total sense. There's a saying that reads “not your private keys, not your cryptos” or “if you don't hold it, you don´t own it”. Apart from metals and cryptos I think having the same approach to food will also be beneficiary to you in the future.

And this is where having the seeds, the start of your future food comes into action.

Knowing how to collect your own seeds from the best fruits and veggies, how to prepare for storage and how to store them is a must.

This is one more field of expertise where I am fully invested in. I also become associated with a non-profit in order to learn and create new relations with other people interested in the same field.

To end this post I think we should evaluate why and where we invest and what are the priorities. Again, do you invest just for the lambos or for a better future? If for a better future besides cryptos and/or precious metals what else do you need?

Let me know, maybe I am missing something else besides food…


Wannabe farmer. Studied ceramic design. Working as a porcelain craftsman for more than 10 years. Love economics and have been studing it for the past 6 years.

Growing into the future.
Growing into the future.

My personal journey into currency, money, cryptos, precious metals and other investments.

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