“Hidden secrets of money”

002 – “Hidden secrets of money” my first steps into a new financial education

By Farinha | Growing into the future. | 13 Oct 2020

I work for myself. As a porcelain craftsman, and because of this it is not unusual to spend all my day siting at a workdesk producing porcelain items for my clients. It´s a challenging work but when you produce the same item over and over again it seems like your hands learn how to do the work by themselves and I almost don't need to think about it.

By 2014, 5 years after starting my business, I felt a shift and this was a decisive year for me. Until that year I only thought about being good at what I was doing. But on that year for some mysterious reason I decided to not listen to music while I was working and open youtube to watch some movies or what else was on that day.

Hidden secrets of money" appeared on my youtube suggested videos. Until that day I paid no attention to money, finance and all that world. But as a History lover I don't like to miss an opportunity to know a bit more of the past. Since “Hidden secrets of money” is a series of videos about the history of money and finance I decided to watch it.
The information the author (Mike Maloney) presented made so much sense to me that from that day forward I never stopped to learn about the subject. I kept researching, reading and watching videos.

It was also on that year that Cryptos came to my knowledge, but as fan of history I kept reading and listening to those who speak and write about the “old” money, Gold and Silver, in exchange for the new and futuristic world of cryptos. I have to be honest, I really did not understand cryptos, but silver and gold I had seen and touched and with so much information to learn about money, currency and the world of finance I had to choose.

You guessed what I choose to study….

Let me remember you that I work with porcelain, I create something out of nothing that you can touch and feel and trying to understand something virtual that MSM says all the time that is used by drug and mafia moguls to laundry criminal money didn't help at all.
And so I started my journey into finance… I still remember the first book I read. “Gold and Silver – guide to invest” from the same author.

Guide to investing in Gold and Silver
I really recommend to those that like history to watch the series “Hidden secrets of money” and also read his book. The funny thing is that the author also invests in some cryptos and episode 8 talks about it.
To not make this post to long let's say that although I lost the best days to invest in cryptos I'm not at all disappointed with my choices.

First, for me makes total sense to understand the past of something in order to understand what that thing will represent in the future. Now, knowing the history of money and currencies makes me more comfortable investing in cryptos (what I think will be the future of money).
And second I don't think I lost anything. Yes, it is true that I could have made a bunch of currency if I had bought cryptos before 2017 sold in December and then come in full in cryptos afterwards in 2018/2019 but I still started to invest and I can say that by ECA (euro cost averaging) I'm not too bad.


I hope my journey into this world can help you in some way and if you have any suggestions on other resources to learn more about cryptos, finance, money etc. please leave a comment, let's exchange knowledge so we can all learn from each other. Thank you.

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Wannabe farmer. Studied ceramic design. Working as a porcelain craftsman for more than 10 years. Love economics and have been studing it for the past 7 years.

Growing into the future.
Growing into the future.

My personal journey into currency, money, cryptos, precious metals and other investments.

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