10 Website that I Found Useful for me as a Splinterlands Player

By farhunt | Splinter-hunt | 25 Oct 2021

10 Website that I found useful to me as a Splinterland Player !

10 Website for Splinterland Player

Hi everyone, in this article Im going to share 10 website that I found useful and interesting for me as a content creator and Splinterlands Player. This is my pure opinion and if there is a mistake here and there just let me know in the comment !


1. Splintertalk

10 Website for Splinterland Player

Splintertalk is the platform for Splinterlands players. In Splintertalk, you can write everything about Splinterland and other things. You can earn Token called SPT in Splintertalk that later can be trade on hive blockchain. You can also appreciate other writer or content by voting and giving them SPT. Few days ago, Splintertalk have a NFT marketplace and In the future I think anyone can make their own NFT and sell it there but right now the available NFT are only from Splinterlands itself

Check out Splintertalk on https://www.splintertalk.io/

2. Hive Blog


Hive Blog is a platform that build for you to learn a lot of things such as Splinterlands, Finance, and other things. If you write something on hive blog, you will be rewarded Hive Dollar. On Hive blog, there is a lot of post about Hive network, Hive Development, and of course about Splinterlands. If you want to experience doing something on blockchain ecosystem, you should try to write/publish something on these platform.

Check out Hive blog on https://hive.blog/trending/my

3. PeakD

10 Website for Splinterland Player

Similar to Hive Blog and Splintertalk, PeakD is a platform for a lot of community from finance to movies and TV show. I use PeakD to see Splinterlands upload their weekly challenge to the player. There is Share your battle challenge, Art Challenge and Social Media Challenge.

Check out PeakD on https://peakd.com/trending

4. PeakMonster

10 Website for Splinterland Player

10 Website for Splinterland Player

In my opinion, PeakMonster is the most useful website in this list. Why? PeakMonster provides data for Splinterlands player from Total value of our card, Transaction history, Rental history and the most important thing for me is the Battlechain features that make me can learn a lot from anyone else game. You can also see a lot of data about splinterlands like amount of player, Transaction per day etc. PeakMonster also have their own Market and Renter Board. What make this market different is in PeakMonster there is a data like High bid, Market value and the trend about the card.

Check out PeakMonster on https://peakmonsters.com/

5. Splinterlands Fandom

10 Website for Splinterland Player

10 Website for Splinterland Player
In this website, you’ll find a lot of things to learn as a Splinterlands player. In the beginning, there is a tutorial on how to start splinterlands as a new player start from how to register, how to rent, ability, rule, and many more. There is also a Official News Section for us who play Splinterlands so we can keep update about new things that come into the game.

Check out Splinterlands Fandom on https://splinterlands.fandom.com/wiki/Splinterlands_Wiki

6. Splintercard

10 Website for Splinterland Player

10 Website for Splinterland Player

Splintercards is a new website that I found because I was searching for a lot of Splinterlands Art. In this website, you’ll find a lot of information about the game. Starting from card, abilities, lands and also an information about league. What I found unique is there is an art about each card that so cool. There is also an information about the card prices and many more. This website will be useful for me because I write a lot about splinterlands it self and I need the information about the card and also the art about the card to make the article more beautiful.

Check out SplinterCards on https://www.splintercards.com/index.html

7. Splinterlore

10 Website for Splinterland Player

Splinterlore is a website that where you can a lot of lore about monster in Splinterlandsfind. You can find out Set, Classes, Size, Lifespan, Habitat, Weapon, Allies, Enemies and Stories from your favorite characters. By knowing the background stories from your favorite characters can make you enjoying the game more and more.

Check out Splinterlore on https://www.splinterlore.com/

8. Ecency

10 Website for Splinterland Player


Ecency is a 3.0 Website that will be the next generation website/social network that connected to Blockchain technology. Ecency allows you to write basically anything on their platform and the others can vote your article if they like it. Ecency have blue color all over their website and I like it a lot.

Check out Ecency on https://ecency.com/

9. Publish0x

10 Website for Splinterland Player

Publish0x is a website where you can earn Crypto for writing/publish and read anything on their platform. Publish0x content spread all over crypto ecosystem start from News & PR, Crypto News, Staking, Farm, Mining , NFT, Defi, Market and many more. If you have a lot of free time, maybe you can consider exploring publish0x to earn and learn.

Check out Publish0x on https://www.publish0x.com/

10. LeoFinance

10 Website for Splinterland Player

LeoFinance is a website where you can find a lot of content about Cryptocurrency, NFT, Price Prediction, Staking, Mining and Many more. You can also get paid for creating/writing an article, upvoting other content and interacting with the environment.

Check out LeoFinance on https://leofinance.io/

All the GIF and art that I use in this article is from Splintercards.com and used for these purposes only


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