She learnd to be valiant

By Farah ikram | Farah's world | 18 May 2021

She was in pain,the pain which was piercing her soul,the pain which was breaking her brevity apart and the pain which was making her to accept the situation of hopelessness.

Throughout her whole life,she always stood against the demons of this world and was always considered a valorous lady with her firmness but certain happenings in her life has broken her inner courage and valour apart.

Despite all she was still struggling to get the previous morality and stability in her personality but it was seeming an impossible thing among all this.

But she managed to throw all her fears apart and she stood up again,she stood against her weaknesses,her frailty and imperfections. She learned to be valiant and she achieved the status of brave lady again.

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Farah ikram
Farah ikram

Female Pakistani

Farah's world
Farah's world

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