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My Follow Along Journey in Acquiring Crypto with just an email address and my time, for the first time. [Part 1] Week 1 of 6

By -Justin | General Blog Stuff. | 30 Jun 2021

Follow along with me as I learn about and acquire cryptocurrencies for the first time. I’ve armed myself simply with my email address, and my time. Thanks for reading!

I tend to learn best when I research and then write, it helps to solidify things in my mind I guess. I hope you enjoy this series, and I hope that the things I learn and post are able to help you along your journey as well.

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First, since this is the first post in this series, I will do a quick introduction, my updates in the future will be more to the point. Keep in mind this is day 5 of my journey, one day of making the decision to finally pay attention to crypto, and 4 days of earning.

My name is Justin, I’m 40 years old, and 100% supported by my wife who is also right by my side doing the exact same thing. We have an almost 2-year-old son named Ma’la’ki. I have always been into things online since the first time I played Oregon Trail. I guess it was 1998 I started messing around with photoshop, trying to build websites for people and myself. I even had e-gold games that people would play on my websites at one point. This is my most recent project. The Coolest Hoodies, Ever.

But since then, I have learned how to create decent little content/affiliate sites and the skills that are necessary to get it all completed from idea to design, research, content, video, and traffic building through SEO, and Social Media.

I’ve noticed that I can use a lot of my skills, sometimes in writing form to earn cryptocurrency, and I see how the popularity is growing among the younger generations, which tells me it will soon be the new normal so I should be using these skills to acquire whatever I can. My thinking is to collect whatever currencies I can and save them for later.

BTW, on a side note. I prefer to do my writing in my WordPress backend on one of my sites and then paste it where I want. That way, I have my images uploaded, a draft saved, and everything worked out. I find it to be a more pleasant experience. Just a little tip.

So, this being the 5th day I’ll say this is week one of my earnings. Below are the sites I’m using and some information about each.
Publisher0X if you don’t already know is a platform that allows you to earn crypto, currently Ampleforth and ifarm, But I hear a new third coin to replace Ethereum is planned in the near future. You earn by reading articles such as this and writing articles by posting in many different topic areas available to tag your post in. It’s a great site here and I think is an exciting opportunity for a new dedicated outlet for my writing. It’s a cool way to monetize the blogging that I was already doing.

After I discovered and joined, I applied to become an author. I was really pleased when I got a reply back around 20 minutes later saying that I was approved. Anytime I contact their support they are always quick to respond.

So far in the 5 days, I’ve earned $0.73 from 13 posts. It seems as though each day each post continues to grow in views and earnings which is pretty cool. The last day is low because I took the screenshot in the morning.

I think that is pretty cool for my first try, and as I said, it seems each day the post is published it continues to be found and earn tips which is better than most any of my website blog posts do. – I’ve made 5 posts here over two days and earned nothing so far with no views. I assume that because you need to make a post before you’re allowed to make a post with photos that they may have another test to pass before your content is more frequently found. So, I’ll keep posting and see what happens by the next update. – This site is interesting. It’s just like YouTube, but without the ridiculous requirements to meet first before you’re rewarded for your hard work. You do however need I think it was 300 followers on your Youtube Channel before they’ll allow you to sync your YouTube videos to your Odysee channel.

So far, with the rewards alone, I’ve got 3.12 LBRY. I’ve created 2 channels and uploaded 2 videos but no earnings, or views, so far.

Brave Browser – I like this browser. It reminds me of using Bravenet services years ago if anyone remembers them. Anyway. This browser is a nice visual change from using Chrome all the time. They have really nice backgrounds and the BAT that you earn adds up pretty quickly. I downloaded it yesterday and have already earned 0.90 BAT, or, $0.05 USD. and I’m not doing anything different than I normally would with Chrome.

Now, in order to withdraw anything you need a verified wallet, however, in order to be approved for one, you must have at least 15 BAT in your account. So something to work on. It shouldn’t take long if it continues the way it is now.

One other thing about Brave. If you are a "creator", they also have a program to monetize your content as well. You can find more information at:

I like this opportunity to earn a currency this way. I can see myself racking up some rewards quickly over the next week. – I joined this afternoon. Similar to and you can earn cryptocurrency in the form of bitcoin tips on the content you post. So far I’ve made an introduction post but I’ll include more on this in my next update. I did end up creating a bitcoin wallet during the registration process, but I read an account like that shouldn’t be relied upon very much.

I do need to do more research on what kind of central type of wallet I need, there are so many opportunities but an address for this or that is also needed, so I need to get that setup. Any recommendations would be appreciated. 

Things to do:

  • Write more content
  • Settle on a wallet
  • Read more to gain more knowledge about opportunities, and dangers.
  • Work on promotion of any referral opportunities using web traffic from my websites through banner advertising and blog posts to social media type sites I’m on.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for my next update. If you want to make sure you see my next updates be sure to follow me. Until next time!


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