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My Follow Along Journey in Acquiring Crypto with just an email address and my time, for the first time. [Part 1] Week 2 of 6

By JustinV | General Blog Stuff. | 17 Jul 2021

Hey guys, sorry it’s been a bit since my first update but I had some car issues to take care of which took me away from my computer for a few days longer than I thought.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and checking out my second update on my journey in earning/collecting cryptocurrencies through free methods such as writing, games, airdrops, and anything else I find. This is day 22.

My list of sites has grown that I am using but I’m only going to talk about the ones that I’m earning something with that looks like I’ll be able to make a withdraw from soon or already have.

Sites I’m using. browser

The first one I’m going to talk about is So far, I have made two withdrawals of around $0.52/ea of Ampleforth to my kucoin account and one request of $2.00 of iFarm. I’m pretty happy about that. If you write daily, you’ll begin to see the withdraw button lit up pretty often.

If you look at the stats, you’ll see my views drop off for about a week or so. This is because of what I mentioned at the beginning of the post and had to be away from my computer for a while. Anyway. You’ll see that my views added up quickly when I was producing my limit of posts each day and a few of the days in the graph below I was only doing maybe 2 posts. I’ve made a total of 28 posts


*Yesterday, I won $10 of ETH in a contest here on Publisher0x which was really exciting to see reflected in my account. I will definitely keep up posting here. The last time I won something in a writing contest was on Fiverr through their affiliate program. I ended up winning $20 but, I can’t cash out until I have earned $50. I very much appreciate the fact that I was able to withdraw this reward with no issues from Publisher0x.

Something that I do like about blogging here aside from being a cool way to earn a little crypto is the interaction that my content gets. I hate posting meaningful stuff on places like Facebook, only to find in my analytics that it’s had 3 views, 2 from me and one from my wife.

It’s a lot more rewarding when you can post on a platform that isn’t controlled by over-complicated algorithms. It seems that the newest post in a section, tag, or search result is always the first shown no matter who you are or how many people follow you, you’re content will show up for everyone to see which can bring in views very quickly.

If you’re looking for a fun way to blog about virtually any topic, even simply posting up some of your favorite photos and want to add another way to earn some easy crypto I suggest you check out if you haven’t already.

Pre-search uses “PRE” which can be used for search-based advertising credits if you happen to be an affiliate marketer or website owner and can also be withdrawn and traded on sites like kucoin.

So far I’ve collected almost 31 tokens. You earn 0.12 tokens per search with a maximum of 30 paid searches each day. It’s not much but I do see myself getting to the min. 1000 to be able to withdraw so I figured I’d mention it. I’m just going to keep using it until I have the 1k to take out. They say you earn .12 tokens per search and have a 30 search per day max that would end up being around 3.6 tokens per day if you use it for the max. With 3.6 tokens a day it would be around 277 days of 30 searches per day to get to 1k.

Right now, kucoin says it’s $0.02 per PRE so that’s roughly $20 in value right now.

If you use this link you’ll be credited 25 pre to get started.

Brave Browser

Again like I mentioned above because I was away for a few days my earnings for using the browser are lower than what I was hoping for, but the next update should be better.

I really like using this browser. It’s easy to use and I like the way the tabs are set up. I’ve been tired of the rounded tabs in Chrome for a long time. I like the fact that I can open a new tab and see my stats and have access to my account features right there. It makes me want to keep using it.

Another thing I enjoy is the selection of high-quality backgrounds they pull from when you open a new tab.

Something else to consider when thinking about earning Basic attention tokens (BAT) with the Brave browser is that they also offer a program for creators.

If you are a creator of content this program allows you to add your website(s) to list in your account and allows visitors who use the Brave browser to leave you tips for the content of your website.

I originally joined this site because I have a few hundred videos I’ve made and thought it would be a cool place to post them and possibly earn some LBRY. I admit I haven’t done much here besides upload two videos, neither has earned anything or had any views that I can see.

I’m going to try and take some time to upload some more videos and stop by daily and earn some extra rewards for watching videos and completing tasks and see what it looks like on the next update.

If you have video content, why not upload it and see where it goes?


My next update will have some stats from other sites I’m using to collect but don’t have much to say about yet. Thanks for reading and don't forget to follow me for more updates!

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General Blog Stuff.
General Blog Stuff.

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