Will Bitcoin Stay #1?


It's been a bit of a rough day for bitcoin. Today is the 1st of September. My birthday is on the 20th of september so maybe god will forgive us all and allow for a price above 30,000$?

Only time will tell haha. 


Its been a bit of a rough day to be honest and I suppose it makes sense. The market's been volatile and everyone's been fearful but due to the recent ETFs being released, I suppose a price increase had been expected. Who knew it would instantly dissapear though...


These stats don't look pretty. I remember when bitcoin was at 1 trillion dollars. Not to mention how it was at a volume of 55 billion yesterday. That's almost a 50% decrease in volume over a 24 hour timespan. Like damn. Very volatile.

Regardless, here are the general bitcoin stats and predictions. 




Let me just start by saying that analysts are just random people that have degrees. Nothing special about them. They're not rich or specifically qualified to give financial advice. Infact, most analysts are actually wrong. Who knows if bitcoin could go down to $20k. It won't. Not with the release of all of these ETFs. 

Regardless, here are the predictions:



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