Binance Sanctions Are Taking Place

Binance had recently begun taking a few unexplainable decisions which had led to mastercard and visa distancing themselves from the company. 

Binance's reputation is on the line now as more people are suspecting Binance of stealing account funds without warning, deleting accounts under random ToS violations, and declining their new Binance cards on individuals that hold more than 100,000 dollars in their account. All of this had led to credit card companies ending their partnerships with Binance, and ofcourse, this would have to be the logical move as it is the only one that would make any sense at all. 


It hits the crypto world as a sudden and unseen consequence of unmoderated crypto regulations - staff at binance can basically do whatever the hell they want and all they have to do is avoid lawsuits.


Binance started out as a reliable and trusted crypto platform and were corrupted overtime through a lack of regulation - which is mostly a benefit to everyone as if there were regulations, you'd be paying your taxes on every deposit and withdrawal which is simply robbery highlighted in a formal sense to fool the general public and most importantly, fool you. 

Nearly forgot to mention how your data will also be reported as a grand scale if this new bill passes:


That's all for today. 

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