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Facing Down Demons Part 4 - The "Episode" Part 3 - New Jersey and the Return

The account that I am reciting is 100% TRUE/non-fiction/not writing this for entertainment purposes. That doesn't mean you'll believe me, but that's not my problem. I would read the 3 previous parts (linked at the bottom) for any context about what is about to be described below. As the title implies, this series is me finally chronicling the very real demonic influences in our life; I will eventually get to where they likely came from, why they're here, and what I plan to do about them (although that part of the story is still "in the works").

With that out of the way...the tale continues...

When I left off last time, my troubled wife (ex-girlfriend at this point) had just left our apartment for the third time on her way to New Jersey by way of the entire American south and eastern seaboard. We are about 3 months into this "episode," which I mark as starting on the day that she broke up with me and left initially. She is once again alone (with her dog), on the road for most of the day and night, and listening to music that she thinks is talking to her and telling her things personally.

I don't know all of the thoughts that she had on these long road trips, but I do remember her telling me that at one point on this trip, she came to the conclusion that she was going to serve Satan. Now I want to emphasize the way in which she described this to me after the fact. She didn't say:

"So, at this point, I felt like the best direction for my life was to give it over to Satan because I think he cares about me and wants what is good for me."

This is basically how she described her thought:

"And I was just like, 'well, I guess I'm just going to serve Satan now.'"

Just like that. Now, that may not sound significant to you, but in the context of this situation it's important. Why?

Because the first statement indicates a train of logic that weighed the pros and the cons, and after a careful risk assessment, a conclusion was arrived at to serve Satan. Thankfully, that is not what happened. The second statement sounds like there was some kind of inner struggle or debate - which she apparently lost - and has resigned herself to the outcome. I don't know how that debate would have sounded in her heart (I didn't ask at the time), but I now know that they have been working her over for most of her life, and spiritually she's especially vulnerable because of the level of control that they had at this point. So it seems likely that they really pressed right then, to get her to essentially submit and hand over more control to them. And, for a time, it seems that they were successful.

So she pulls over to the side of the road, with nothing but woods around her (I don't know where she is at this point - somewhere in the American south or southwest) to relieve herself and let her dog do the same. She walks fairly deep into the woods with the dog and does her thing. However, she comes to the conclusion that her dog needs to be sacrificed for some purpose or another (for Satan, of course). So, she turns around and begins walking back to her car - without her dog.

An aside - I'm not an expert of satanic rituals, but I don't personally believe that this was any sort of specific ritual, but likely her being convinced that it was so that she could do something that she would later hate herself for. It's common for demons to seduce or convince someone to do something awful, and then turn right around and condemn them for doing that same thing. They play with that spectrum of (counterfeit) comfort and condemnation extremely well, in the same way that they utilize the spectrum of pride and discouragement. As an example of that, they'll have you convinced that you can do anything and no one can stop you (we are told by God to be humble - pride is itself a sin), getting you puffed up and arrogant so that you go do some foolishness thinking that you're the only one supremely capable of pulling it off. When you fail spectacularly, they really lay on you how stupid and pathetic you are, and how could you think that a wretch like you could ever succeed at that particular feat, etc. It serves many purposes for them, but I think the biggest purpose is simply the emotional abuse, which for the right person will keep them clinging to their abusers all the more. I'll explain how I came to know all this in another 2 or 3 parts.

Back to the matter at hand. So she's getting near the car, and comes to her senses. She runs back into the woods, frantically looking for her dog until she finds him, and returns to her car in disbelief at what she almost did. Except, now her car has a police car behind it. Apparently, she went into the woods while leaving the car running and the door wide open. The officers apparently found an abandoned, running car in the middle of nowhere strange enough to investigate. She explained to them that she was just going to the bathroom, which they accepted and let her go. Bullet dodged.

The next bullet was not dodged. She was somewhere in Alabama and got pulled over for I don't know what, probably a minor traffic infraction. Well, the cop smelled weed and asked to search the car. I don't remember if my wife got feisty or not at this point, but either way they found a bowl with some THC residue in it (and that's it, by the way. No flower or anything more incriminating). And in Alabama, they don't take weed lightly. She was arrested, her car impounded, and her dog thrown in a shelter (she called it doggy jail). She was not there too long before one of the corrections officers had to reprimand her for something, and her response to that reprimand was to hit her. That landed her 2 weeks in solitary confinement. This is a woman who was an accountant, a professional. Now she's in jail, hitting COs and being treated like a hardcore criminal (the craziest part being that it was not unjustified). And like anyone else in that situation, but especially someone already in a state of demonic torment, being left in solitude is probably the worst place you could be.

Her tormentors continued to torment. She described that period of time to me again just recently, during this new bout of oppression. She made it sound like "Drake" was the only thing keeping her sane during solitary. He was a comfort to her. And she even said that "Drake" was more important to her than God, at that point. Sound like simple fan appreciation to you? Through counterfeit comfort, they gain more control. The victim depends more and more on that comfort and guidance, handing the reigns of their life over to something that wants their destruction.

But, somehow, she does her 2 weeks and gets released, gets her car out of impound (I think her mom paid for it), and managed to "adopt" her dog who was still in the shelter waiting for her. And it turns out that after all of these shenanigans in Alabama, that she doesn't have any permanent criminal record from any of it. I'm still not sure how that is possible after assaulting a CO, but neither of us felt the need to question it. My guess is that it was yet another God moment, of which she has had many during this episode.

So she finally resumes her trip to Jersey, and gets the rest of the way without incident (that I can recall). She spends some time with various family members, including her mom. I know that she got in trouble there in the same manner - cops ended up searching her car and finding weed flower. I don't remember what the punishment was but I assume it was some noncriminal fine or something similar. I know that she caused enough strife with her mom that she eventually had the police and hospital staff come and take my wife away, involuntarily. My wife and her mom both told me that when that happened, my wife screamed the most vile things that she has ever said to her mother, as they were carting her away. Neither one would say what she said, but I can tell that it affected both of them deeply.

She was hospitalized for some time (I want to say almost a month?), medicated, and released. She was prescribed a powerful antidepressant and mood stabilizer, which zombied her out in addition to keeping her relatively calm. Her mom eventually convinced her that the best place for her was with me, and eventually she agreed (at least that she should return to Colorado, not necessarily to be my girlfriend again). So once again, after a month or so of being among family and friends in NJ, she hops in her car and makes the long trek back to Colorado. 

I would say that this concludes the first "episode," but it really only concludes the "manic" part of the episode. It's called a "manic/depressive" disorder for a reason, after all. Personally, I believe this "disorder" is the world's way of describing a specific type of demonic oppression (and I'm willing to bet that other "disorders" are just different types of spirits at work). They send a person on a wild, humiliating ride that burns bridges and destroys a person's life (manic), then spend the next period of time shaming and condemning them for those actions that they themselves urged on (depressive). However you want to think about it, the result is the same. The treatment, however, is not.

Anyway, the depression phase is much less dramatic than the phase that I just described, and so next time I will fill in the gap between the end of this episode and the start of the 2021 episode. A lot happened in that time that is relevant to what is currently happening to us now. Stay tuned...

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Facing Down Demons in 2021
Facing Down Demons in 2021

This is a true, ongoing chronicle of demonic/satanic attacks on my family.

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