Our family in January 2021 after moving to Florida from Colorado

Facing Down Demons Part 1 - Intro, Prologue and Context

Hello, members of the cryptoverse.

I won't be providing my name in this series (or ever on Publish0x, thanks to the existence of this blog), to protect the identity of my family as I'll be sharing a lot of personal business here. I did include a grainy family photo to show that we are a seemingly normal, healthy-looking, successful, loving group. I am writing this for myself, if for no one else. Let me start by saying, right out of the gate, that everything in these posts will be TRUE. I've read some entertaining pieces of fiction on Publish0x and my hat goes off to the authors. This is not that. This is a chronicle of what has been happening to my family (specifically my wife) for the last 6 weeks, although this particular post will cover context going back several years. I am documenting actual demonic influences and attacks. No, I am not crazy. No, I am not making something that should be explained from something of purely physical/material origin into something spiritual and spooky. But I am writing this series for several reasons:

1.) I am so stressed, often sleep deprived, and still actively dealing with the situation that I'm beginning to forget the finer points of what has been happening along the way. This is something too important for me to forget. So I'm using this as a cloud-based, pseudonymous journal of sorts.

2.) The more people I talk to (that are smart enough to recognize that there is more to reality than what we can see and touch), the more stories I am being told that are all too similar to mine. I live in America. We, and all members of the "first world," are taught that if science can't prove it, then it's not true. Well, science uses physical means to test physical things. Science will never conclusively prove another dimension of reality because we lack the extra-dimensional tools to do so. Same reason you can't use science to prove or disprove God. He is above the physical universe - because He made the physical universe - so how are you going to use physical tools to run experiments on Him? Come on, arrogant little humans. Cut it out. All our scientific community can do is offer conjecture (and they conjecture that there's at least 10 dimensions. For context, we "live" in only four of those dimensions. The other 6 are something that we simply can't know too much about right now. I mean, unless you pick up a bible). If more people are experiencing demonic events, then we need to talk about it. Because our major institutions will continue to blind us to this very real threat and give it labels that it is not, or not fully at least. 

3.) As I mentioned, I live in the U.S. Most people in this country, western Europe, etc don't believe in the possibility of demonic anything. Since this is not only a crypto community, but an international crypto community, I am hoping that there may be someone in another part of the world (where belief in the supernatural has not yet been deadened like it has here) who reads this and can offer practical advice. God has brought me some resources, but He's also pushing me to write this, so maybe He has more help on the way for me, who knows?

Ok, so let's get on with it. I met my wife in 2013. I was an atheist at the time (became a Christian in 2017 after finding myself studying the bible and realizing it was completely true. How does an atheist find himself studying a bible? God, dummy), and she was a nominal Christian, but basically living life like an atheist. She told me that she had some sort of meltdown in college and that she was diagnosed as bipolar. I was a 25 year old guy who had other motives in mind, so I didn't really give it much thought. I assumed it was a stressful time from a few years ago and that it wouldn't happen anymore.  We lived in the state of New Jersey at the time. To be honest, I noticed that my wife was a bit of a bitch to those around her (and me, sometimes). My friends did not like her and tried to get me to leave her, which I did for about a month before she won me back, using methods that only women can use on men. But she obviously had a lot of other qualities that made her attractive to me besides just looks, not the least of which was that she had a riskier, go-getter mindset that constantly took me out of my comfort zone (but also caused her to have massive debt and other consequences of that natural "risk tolerance"). It was a little off-putting and nerve wracking, but also refreshing and oftentimes pushed me to be a better version of myself, which was an influence that I had not experienced much of in my life to that point.

Anyway, as time went on, she softened up a little, and I hardened up a little, and the relationship seemed to mostly function. A little over a year into it, in 2014, we decided to move to Colorado together, for reasons that only God was truly aware of (I became a Christian there but that's perhaps a story for another blog). So we get there, and things are pretty hard at first. We both left good jobs and I left a house that I owned (now a rental), to come to a place that we had never been to for any length of time. I left a pension in Jersey for $10/hour as night security in Colorado, putting myself near too much potential harm for the pay. She is an accountant that got a better job within a month (I should have studied accounting in school!). But, we built up a new network of friends, I kept job hopping until I got into a great, career-oriented job as a financial analyst (in 2016, after 18 months of slogging it in garbage jobs), and we settled in nicely to our new surroundings. Once things levelled out, she began to pursue loftier goals. She was still a full-time accountant, but was also studying for the CMA exam at night, was looking for a better job and going to interviews, and (because of poor financial decisions in her past) she was tight on money. Like, when the paycheck hit she could only spare like $20 for herself until the next paycheck kind of tight. She was putting herself through more and more stress, and began saying things like "I need more from you," or "you don't have any passion, I need to see a fire for SOMETHING in you," to some more R-rated things that I'll leave out. She threatened leaving me many times in that span. I was perplexed and distressed, but assumed that these were pent-up concerns that she had with me that she hadn't really brought to my attention before, and so I tried to address them (for context, this is NOT a woman that holds back her feelings or gripes. Like, at all. But it just seemed so sudden that I didn't know what else to think). But they were very vague complaints in my mind, and I wasn't really sure what to do with them. She grew increasingly more irritable, and  began to sleep less - down to 2-3 hours per night - staying up doing seemingly silly things like listening to music, dancing to herself (she is also a part-time dance fitness instructor. Dancing to herself is quite common), browsing social media, etc. I thought it strange but not much past that. I was in the army; I went days with little sleep. It is what it is. Right?

Well, one day she tells me that she's going to take a little mini-vacation to visit her stepfather in Miami. She says it would help her clear her head from everything that's been going on. It seemed innocent enough, and I was certainly hoping that her would, in fact, be cleared with some time on a beach. But, I did not know then what I know now, so I drove her to the airport without giving it much thought.

And that, dear reader, is where the crazy s**t really begins. But I'll leave that for Part 2....


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Jesus-loving crypto bull trying to keep it all together in a harsh world.

Facing Down Demons in 2021
Facing Down Demons in 2021

This is a true, ongoing chronicle of demonic/satanic attacks on my family.

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