Which Crypto Card Offers the Best Cashback?

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 10 Apr 2024

Let me tell you, the world of crypto cards can be a real rabbit hole. I already spent a few years trying out different options, each promising the best cashback deals and hottest perks. I experimented with, Coinbase, Binance (which disappeared in the meantime...), and even Plutus.

Don't get me wrong, each card had its own strengths. offered a crazy high cashback rate with their Obsidian Card, but it required a hefty investment in their CRO token... Coinbase was simple to use, but does not offer any cashback. Plutus' free plan was pretty good, but they switched to a subscription-based system, and locking into a plan wasn't quite my style. I also had a look at Bitpanda, Ledger's CL Card, Wirex, Holyheld and Gnosis Card, but none of them meet my requirements.

In the end, after all that trial and error, I found myself gravitating back to two main players: Curve and You may use my referral links:

Curve wasn't technically a crypto card issuer, but it became my secret weapon. It acts like a super-app for your finances, letting you combine all your cards, including crypto ones, into one. No more wallet bulge! Plus, their referral program with cashback bonuses for both you and your friends is a sweet perk. still holds a special place in my crypto spending arsenal. While I might not be rocking the Obsidian Card (yet!), their lower tiers offer decent cashback without the crazy staking requirements.

My advice? Don't just take my word for it. Do your research, experiment with a few cards, and see what works best for your spending habits and crypto goals. Remember, fees, staking requirements, and supported currencies all play a role.

The key takeaway? With a little effort, you can find a crypto card (or two) that helps you turn your crypto into sweet, sweet cashback. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some swiping to do!

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