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Which coins to buy this weekend? Issue #2

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 28 May 2021

In the past, weekends were good for cryptos, because professional traders were at home. No big moves, we were between us, only small players.

Times have changed. Weekends are dangerous now, especially the last one which has seen a severe drop of Bitcoin as well as most of the altcoins.

What can we expect from this weekend? First of all, the market is still bearish. I can read in some articles that the bulls are coming back. Let's take some distance by looking at the evolution of the total crypto market cap as per the graph below. Can you see a positive trend somewhere? I only see a cliff right now. And we all know why: the crypto market became crazy further to Elon's tweets on BTC & DOGE, and then all the new tokens created to attract the newbies which suddenly pumped without any good reason. We are still paying for that, and it may last for a while. Personally, I would remain cautious. However, if you want to cautiously buy some tokens, my top 5 will be: ADA, DOT, FTM, LINK, SNX. I could go into many interesting details regarding why I recommend precisely these tokens, but it will take the weekend... So please do your own research and enjoy your weekend.

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