How To Get The Next Major Ethereum Airdrops

Should You Sell Your Shitcoins And Focus On Ethereum L2s?

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 6 Jun 2022

If you arrived too late for Bitcoin (BTC) and have suffered from shitcoin volatility, there might be an alternative: to focus on Ethereum layer-2 chains and the next airdrops to come.

Next potential airdrops from Ethereum

Most of the Ethereum (ETH) layer-2 chains which have no token yet will launch their own token sooner or later. It is what happened with Optimism recently and allowed all the eligible users of Optimism to earn at least around 1k$ each. The Ethereum layer-2 chains which have no token yet are:

  • Other optimistic rollups, e.g., Arbitrum
  • ZK (Zero Knowledge) rollups, e.g. zkSync

The best way to get the next airdrops is to transfer a bit of your coins to these layer-2 chains and to use the DeFi dapps (decentralized applications) on these chains. To transfer your coins to these chains, you can use some bridges which will themselves issue their own tokens and also provide airdrops.

How to proceed to get these airdrops

You need first to create an account and address (0x...) on Metamask and to transfer a bit of ETH (e.g., 0.01 ETH) from the centralized exchange you use (e.g. Binance) to an Ethereum layer-2 chain like Arbitrum or to an Ethereum side chain like Polygon (MATIC) - you will need MATIC tokens in that case.

Then, you can start using some of the dapps on this first layer-2 chain. A good example of dapp on Arbitrum is (not a financial advice, DYOR).

You can then transfer a part of the ETH that you have on Arbitrum to some other layer-2 chains by using one of the bridges which can also airdrop:

  • Connext Network (NEXT token)
  • Hop Protocol (HOP token)
  • Orbiter Finance (which will also likely launch a token and will airdrop it)

The next destination for your ETH tokens (which can be 0.005 ETH) can be zkSync, which confirmed its token in their recently updated FAQ.

To use zkSync, you can use the Argent wallet (which will likely launch a token too) or connect your Metamask wallet on Once you are on zkSync, you can use dapps like The more you use dapps, the higher the probability to get a potential airdrop. You can also make swaps on DeFi dashboards like Zerion and Zapper or directly through Metamask since it is likely they will launch their token too.

In summary

If you missed the previous major airdrops, it will not be too late to qualify for the next ones. Please avoid pure airdrop hunting, since the developers are more and more reluctant to include pure airdrop hunters in their airdrops. The best way to get airdrops is to gueninely use the DeFi dapps on the chains which could launch their tokens, and hence it might be worth spending some time on these dapps without focusing too much on the future airdrops.

Please find below a few links to earn a few more coins...


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