Is it still worth buying Bitcoin?

Is it still worth buying Bitcoin?

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 22 Jan 2021

Usually, when BTC crashes, altcoins crash even more. In the last 24 hours, many altcoins did better than BTC as shown below (24 hr variation vs. BTC):


Among them, XTZ, DOT, LINK, BTCST, INJ and YFI performed pretty well, with YFI making nice waves bringing it towards 1 BTC.

Therefore, it seems that times are changing, since some altcoins are becoming safer than BTC. Is the altseason coming? Nothing is sure yet, although many of you have noticed that "Ethereum" search on Google has recently peaked. My recommandation would be to play around with the tokens above and swap to BNB when the market dumps, since BNB is one of the least volatile coins currently. You may use Pancakeswap to exchange, that's cheaper...

That's not a financial advice, only a feeling. Happy trading... or yield farming... to everyone.

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