Bitcoin is Nadal

If Bitcoin was Nadal and Ether was Federer, which coins would be Djokovic and Tsitsipas?

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 3 Jun 2021

While I am watching Federer vs. Cilic, a thought comes to my mind: in the Roland-Garros French open, the big favorite is still Nadal, as per bookmakers. Federer is not in the top favorites anymore, but he is as smart as Ether compared to the powerful Nadal-Bitcoin. Roger might stop playing at the highest level soon, but he will remain the reference of the smart tennis forever, exactly like Ethereum will remain the reference of the smart contract blockchains.

You can still bet on Nadal-Bitcoin, the chances of win are high, and Federer-Ether is a good bet too. However, looking at the future, we all know they will be replaced by some of their competitors. Djokovic could be Binance Coin BNB, not the most elegant but efficient, and currently the #1 in ATP ranking and in DeFi with the cost-effective Binance Smart Chain. But we have to look at the future: so, who could become the #1 player in ATP & cryptosphere?

As a tennis player, I would bet on Tsitsipas for the future. He is currently the #5 in ATP, but as Thiem has already been eliminated, he could be #4 soon. Interesting, the coin #4 in market cap is Cardano ADA. Is it the next Tsitsipas? It will also become the #4 if the next Alonzo update works... and the #3 a bit later since Djokovic-BNB will not remain the best solution for DeFi forever... There are of course some other potential Tsitsipas among cryptos: Polkadot is quite promising, Polygon-MATIC deserves its success, and there are good alternative solutions for DeFi, e.g. Fantom & Harmony ONE.

However, there will only be one #1 in the future, who could likely be Tsitsipas in the ATP ranking... and Cardano or Polkadot in the cryptosphere.

Tsitsipas-Cardano/Polkadot could already win the open/crypto race this month... Place your bets!

Please click on this link to get more insight into the coins which could win this month.



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