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By Cryptofab | Cointune | 14 Aug 2023

Further to my post "What ChatGPT Says About Worldcoin", Patch (that most of you know) asked me how Medium has been treating me. Therefore, I decided to write a story on Medium and to publish it hereafter entirely - so that you can all read it, since on Medium you'd need to subscribe first:

How Much Can You Earn on Medium?

My personal experience — How much I made & with which topics

Although I signed up on Medium a while ago, I had not earned anything until recently. Therefore, after a very few articles written immediately after I signed up, I stopped writing on Medium and started to write on some other platforms where I could earn more easily, like Publish0x for instance.

I rediscovered Medium only recently, a few months ago, when I noticed that on Publish0x most readers did not seem very passionate about the Ethereum layer-2 rollups in which I could see a growing interest. Therefore, I decided to give it a try again by writing a story on “The Next Big Crypto Airdrop” just after Arbitrum’s airdrop, which was a story focused on the next Ethereum layer-2 rollups which could make a big airdrop similar to Arbitrum… This story is still available here if you wish.

The stats for this story were better than what I had initially expected:

Therefore, I decided to continue writing on Medium. The best stats I got so far are with a story entitled “How to find the best crypto airdrops and avoid the dangerous ones”. More generally, I noticed that the most successful stories are the ones talking about airdrops, as you can see below:

However, with the “New Partner Program incentives focus on high-quality human writing” launched by Medium and effective since August 1, 2023, I think it makes sense to focus on quality rather than quantity and hence to write articles which really help the community. For instance, the story “How to find the best crypto airdrops and avoid the dangerous ones” got 778 claps for 1.1K reads — i.e., a ratio clap/read of 70%, whereas “The Next Big Crypto Airdrop” only had 63 claps for 550 reads — i.e., a ratio clap/read of only 11%. The reason is simple: The first article helps to focus on the right airdrop projects and avoid the scams, whereas the other one is quite promising but does not say anything different from what you already read.

I also think that writing only about airdrops is a bit frustrating and many writers have already written a lot about this topic. Therefore, in my next stories, I will focus on some new projects that I discovered and which might have a great potential, so that it can be beneficial to everyone.

Please feel free to leave in the comment section your suggestions on the main topics in which you could be interested, and I will do my utmost!

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