Do you own the RIGHT coins to make profits?
Do you own the RIGHT coins?

Do you own the RIGHT coins to make profits?

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 26 Mar 2021

Further to my article Do you own some JOKE coins?, I received a lot of interesting comments and decided to open my mind and to get some coins which could be considered as shitcoins... or joking coins. I paid especially attention to all the promotions with high APYs launched by Binance and took some CHR, COS, LTO... and even a bit of PUNDI X (NPXS).

See below the performance of these coins over the last 7 days vs. BTC:

  • PUNDI X (NPXS): +128%
  • COS: +59%
  • LTO: +42%
  • CHR: +12%

In summary, all these coins outperformed BTC... and all of that despite the black Thursday that we had this week.

What does that mean?

In the short term, it could make sense to keep those coins in order to continue to outperform BTC... at least for a few more days or weeks.

In the long term, my strategy is to use the profits made on these coins to buy more of the tokens in which I believe the most: ADA and DOT...

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