Growing or joking coins?

Do you own GROWING or JOKING coins? What are the most resilient cryptos?

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 21 Apr 2021

There are so many coins currently that the market is fuzzy. Most of the projects look interesting at the first sight. But we all know it needs to consolidate, and some of the coins will disappear in the future. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on the most solid projects.

The big dip last Sunday provides some insight into the coins which are the most resilient, due to their fundamentals.

By looking at the performance of a few coins vs. BTC over the last 7 days (see the Coingecko extract below), we can identify some resilient ones:

  • VeChain has continued to grow over the last 7 days and will likely correct this week. The project is solid, fundamentals still there, it can grow again
  • PancakeSwap has recovered from the bloody Sunday and will continue to grow until there is another credible solution to make low cost DeFi
  • Solana is still promising, but almost everything needs to be built. The Raydium AMM sounds promising too, but is still limited. To be watched
  • Binance Coin BNB is back above $600... Remember it was $15 one year ago. Will continue to shine, at least until Ethereum EIP 1559 in July
  • LINK has fully recovered from bloody Sunday. This token is more than useful. It might correct a bit in the short term, but can hit $100 this year
  • Filecoin is still lower than last week although it surged yesterday - probably due to the attractive staking proposal on Binance exchange...
  • Ethereum ETH is back to the value of last Wednesday. Moment of truth. Slightly correcting. May suffer until the EIP 1559 expected in July
  • THETA is offered at a discounted price... -%5 vs. last Wednesday. A good opportunity. Solid project. Has pumped a lot. Needs to rest a bit
  • Fantom is still in the accumulation phase after the pump 2 months ago. Also a credible alternative to ETH for DeFi. Look at Popsicle Finance...
  • Zilliqa is slowly coming back to last week level. Still ranging around $0.2... Kind of new stablecoin. Good point is the attractive staking rewards
  • Tron has some difficulties to recover... Still fuzzy. It might be a joking coin, although it can play a role in NFTs... Not to be dropped totally

In summary, my strategy is as follows - to be updated within 7 days:

  • AAA coins (to be owned, although it might correct): BNB, LINK, ETH
  • BBB coins (good fundamentals): VET, CAKE, SOL, FIL, THETA, FTM, ZIL
  • JJJ coins (fuzzy): TRX + many other coins, including the famous DOGE

As usual, it is only my point of view, and I am not a financial advisor. Please do your own research and click on this link to get more insight into cryptos.


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