Crypto of the day - SNX will pump again
SNX will pump again

Crypto of the day - SNX will pump again

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 4 Dec 2020

While everyone is looking at Bitcoin price, wondering whether it is going to hit $20k this year, some altcoins got an outstanding growth potential.

One of them is Synthetix token SNX which will certainly pump again in the near future:

1) SNX is a simple way to get exposure to the stock exchange market. As the stock market is going up, SNX is going to pump

2) Most SNX holders are hodlers: they mint SNX on Synthetix to get exposure to currencies, commodities, or stocks, or they stake it to get rewards

3) SNX offers staking rewards up to 40%. It is higher than most of the DeFi protocols, without the impermanent loss risk... To avoid the expensive Ethereum network gas fees required to stake on Mintr, one option is to use a custodian wallet such as Celsius - you can use my link below to earn $20

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