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So many choices So little time

One of the problems we all face in this day and age is the problem of choice. Does there really need to be 50 flavors of ice-cream or yoghurt? Will teal curtains blend more naturally with the green-blue embroidery of the new sofa set or should we just go with turquoise? Okay, I'll admit I'm taking cheap shots at capitalism here; a lot of the choices we make on a daily basis are not major life decisions. But what about the ones that are - such as financial and investment choices? Which bill do I pay first? Which insurance company offers the best deals to its clients? What is the best time to buy or sell a stock?

All these major decisions require considerable research and a significant amount of time. If you are a busy person you know the inconvenience and opportunity-cost of making the wrong choice. And specifically, in the world of crypto-currencies making the wrong decision can cost you not only your time and expensive fees but also your entire investment.

Well let me introduce you to SwapSpace, a new and revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides features you cannot find on anywhere else, even on gigantic and more popular exchanges like Binance, Coinbase or even Uniswap.

One Network to rule them all

First of all, SwapSpace is an exchange aggregator. That means they partner with and connect you with multiple exchanges (both centralized and decentralized) and different blockchain networks. All from one convenient interface.

Before the advent of decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, if you wanted to trade between different blockchains you would have to use a centralized exchange like Coinbase. So, for example, to go from Polkadot to bitcoin or from bitcoin cash to Ethereum required using a centralized exchange. And you would have to provide ID details and/or perform authentification procedures.

But then Decentralized exchanges came along allowing people to trade different currencies and had the extra benefit of not requiring identity authentification. But those currencies had to be on the same network. When Uniswap came along, for example, it really opened up a door of exchange opportunities but it only allowed cryptocurrencies and tokens based on the Ethereum network or those based on the ERC-20 specification.

Now SwapSpace allows you to trade between many different Crypto assets between different chains! This includes over 450 cryptos and you can do this anonymously! And it does this dealing directly with native assets. Before this, one of the ways to perform cross-chain transactions was by wrapping one native crypto or asset from one chain in another crypto that is based on the a different native or host blockchain network. For example, on Ethereum you might have work with wrapped bitcoin or on Binance smart chain you might have wrapped Polkadot. SwapSpace now connects separate sovereign blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, XRP, Cardano, Link, Polkadot, Litecoin, BnB, Doge and a lot more!

SwapSpace is a powerful aggregator that connects with and integrates many swap services to make crypto exchanges faster and more convenient. SwapSpace leverages all the functionality of 14 instant exchanges to not only make your life easier but to ensure that you get access to the most profitable rates from the line-up and exchange your assets smoothly.

Best Prices, Lowest Fees

Did I forget to mention that SwapSpace was built to provide you with the best prices and the lowest fees? You don't have to spend time searching for the best rate anymore! All the rates of 14 exchanges are displayed for you to compare and choose the best one from the list. SwapSpace also helps mitigate risk by offering fixed as well as floating exchange rates so you can lock in the price you want and you are guaranteed that your trade will be executed at that price. SwapSpace itself does not charge a fee but some of the exchange providers they work with might but it will probably be the lowest you will find anywhere. Furthermore, SwapSpace is always negotiating better prices with their partners, so sometimes exchanging on SwapSpace may actually be more profitable than dealing directly with the exchangers!

They have a tutorial page to show you exactly how to go from one crypto to another and the process is pretty intuitive and straightforward - you will see all available networks and exchange providers that support the currencies you want to swap between.

Through the integration of several services, SwapSpace has achieved the greatest coin variety on the market making it a one-stop solution for exchanging even the rarest of altcoins. More than 500 cryptocurrencies and tokens and 100,000 exchange pairs are at your disposable! Don’t make your next crypto trade without taking advantage of this new and unprecedented platform. Use the link below to make your first swap and if you have trouble in any way you can reach out to their excellent customer support.


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