The Best Way To Earm EOS
Womplay: The Best EOS earning Platform

The Best Way To Earm EOS

By EywenLol | eywensblogs | 30 Apr 2021

The Best Way To Earn EOS

Have you ever wondered if you can earn by playing? Then i've got just the right thing for you! I present you to Womplay, a platform that rewards its users to earn EOS by playing games. Earning and playing sounds fun and effective and that's why they created this platform. I will explain how it works, ready? Here I go. Womplay has a connected EOS wallet called "Wombat" this is needed to access your funds. You can register on Womplay using Google,Facebook,Twitter, and Apple.Here is how you can earn, you download the games through their links now every game has a milestone affiliated with a specific amount of wombucks(their currency) you can then use this wombucks to join the payout event where you the system will cashout the EOS to your account. So how does the payout system work?

Don't worry i will explain it to you. There is a prize pool every week that ends on Friday 8:00(GMT+8) , the amount is determined on how much wombucks that you have and the wombucks submitted by other players on the payout event. Now after it cashes out this will now be sent to your Wombat Account which can be accessed by using the same method that you did in Womplay. Now all that funds can be transferred wherever you like it to be. Join Womplay using this link ->

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